So sad to see one of the best email apps for Android is discontinued, just b/c shitshow corp mis-detected it as .

Apparently its complaints process is so screwed that the FairEmail dev rather threw his app in the bin.

@ilumium This is a prime example for how digital gatekeepers can abuse their power and why the needs to be rigorously enforced to enable alternative app distribution channels.

@ilumium That's a point.

He says that for each user who installs #FairEmail via @fdroidorg, there are 99 who install it from the #GooglePlayStore. I dare say that's because these 99 have never in their lives heard that any kinds of alternatives to the Google Play Store exist.

Okay, and for these hundred, there must be tens of millions who use the official #Gmail app instead.

@ilumium Even more sad is that Netguard is discontinued as well :(

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