Crazy: @chbmeyer says he asked what kind of personal data his car collects & shares with the company.

Here you go, dystopian shit:

- Charging history
- Temperature
- Unique car & battery IDs
- Kilometres driven (battery)
- Operational state of engine
- Driving & parking history
- Data on speed, acceleration & deceleration
- Number of times ABS has been activated
- When airbags are deactivated
- Name, first name & email of owner
- Other electric vehicles in vicinity
- Geolocation

@xuv @ilumium @chbmeyer Worth saying that, due to the GDPR, they can't actually _collect_ this info without consent - my Zoe had been harrassing me on power-on for months begging me to let it share this data with goodness-knows-who, but I always refused. It appears to have stopped harrassing me after a service, I think they updated the firmware to remove the nags maybe.


@seachaint @xuv @chbmeyer This is really discomforting. Looks like the car industry is a data wild west at the moment with little oversight if any. After has gotten the Big Brother Award in Germany for non-conpliance with , I was hoping there would maybe be a reaction from regulators. But perhaps everyone wants electric cars to succeed so badly that nobody dares to act.

@ilumium @xuv @chbmeyer If other EU countries are anything like Ireland, their data regulators are underfunded and already swamped with work.

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