Okay so EU Member States -- led by Germany, the land of privacy® -- propose again to prohibit because, you know, and stuff.

@ilumium I thought this was an Austrian initiative?

@Bubu Not really. Although the draft Council resolution was leaked by ORF, the text itself is a proposal by the Presidency currently held by Germany (until end of December).

@ilumium Keep an eye on this old recycled proposal. They ain't giving up. This is like the 10th time I'm reading about "EU wants to prohibit encryption".

There will be another similar proposal after this one if this one is stopped, and it won't be stopped unless there's massive push-back.

@ilumium Absolutely nothing in that document talks about banning end-to-end encryption. There is no serious proposal from the EU to do so.

We will not let them.
btw –

my reply about the “hacked” secret videoconference of the 27 defense ministers

“No, it was not hacked –
one of the ministers posted the password.
No tech involved.
Cause if you say it was hacked you will do more surveillance laws but what we need is just professional politicians …”

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