"The emergence of an -powered authoritarian bloc led by could warp the geopolitics of this century. It could prevent billions of people, across large swaths of the globe, from ever securing any measure of political . And whatever the pretensions of policy makers, only China’s citizens can stop it."

Excellent reporting by Ross Andersen for The Atlantic: theatlantic.com/magazine/archi


"Chinese police extract all the data they can from ’ bodies. They measure height and take a blood sample. They record voices and swab . Some Uighurs have even been forced to participate in experiments that mine genetic data, to see how DNA produces distinctly Uighurlike chins and ears."


"Much of the planet’s political trajectory may depend on just how dangerous ’s people imagine to be in the hands of centralized power. Until they secure their personal , at some unimaginable cost, free people everywhere will have to hope against hope that the world’s most intelligent machines are made elsewhere."


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