You sure QubesOS didn't have sth like this before?

@wolf480pl @ilumium @micahflee It does (read the text I linked to). But most people don't use Qubes.

@ilumium @wolf480pl dangerzone is based on Qubes TrustedPDF, but it's possible to run in Windows, Mac, and Linux

@micahflee @ilumium
the use of Docker has me worried, as IIRC its devs don't treat container escapes as security issues.
But on Windows and Mac there's the VM on top of that, so it should be ok I guess...

Do you also recycle the VM between pdf->pixels and pixels->pdf stages, or just the containers?

@wolf480pl @ilumium It just recycles containers. Dangerzone doesn't touch how Docker Desktop (in Mac and Windows) handles the VM. Right now the conversion inside the container is done with an unprivileged user, but there's an issue for further container hardening github.com/firstlookmedia/dang

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