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I've spoken to about the power of to curb free speech. That power is real but the ban from social media is the worst example to show that: Trump hasn't been "silenced", he has the attention of the international media. 24/7.


Check out how ridiculously difficult makes it for people to cancel their membership.


Via the Norwegian Consumer Council

Congratulations to the French government for bringing in a mandatory #repairability index for electronic products. 🙌Fairphone's @lukerrjames@twitter.com, spoke to @lemondefr@twitter.com:

RT @lukerrjames@twitter.com

Great to see a mandatory repairability index for electronic products introduced in France. This is the progress that @Fairphone@twitter.com strives for!


🐦🔗: twitter.com/lukerrjames/status

Die Videos vom #npa101 sind online!
"Medienmäzen Google" mit
Ingo Dachwitz @roofjoke und Alexander Fanta
„Der Digital Services Act oder wie man Big Tech reguliert“ mit Jan Penfrat @ilumium

@GreensEFA@twitter.com 🇬🇧 Monday, #TERREG will be voted on in the LIBE Committee, here the preliminary text: patrick-breyer.de/wp-content/u

#Pirates & our group @GreensEFA@twitter.com will oppose. Cross-border removal orders are unacceptable – the risk of abuse is too high!

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Now that #WhatsApp have updated their terms, forcing users to share their data with #Facebook, here's our suggested update to that notification you see at the top of your chats.

#WhatsappNewPolicy #WhatsappPrivacy

Heute Abend 20 Uhr Netzpolitischer Abend der @digiges im Stream aus der @cbase!
Mit dabei Ingo Dachwitz und Alexander Fanta von @netzpolitik_feed: Medienmäzen Google. Wie der Datenkonzern den Journalismus umgarnt
@ilumium: Das neue Plattformgesetz der EU
Mehr Infos: digitalegesellschaft.de/2021/0

is going to happen online (of course!) and I'm looking forward to be able to finally follow the Q&A sessions undisturbed by people noisily leaving the room early. 🤞

And it's going to be on @matrix ! 🥳

Dear @Neveo_officiel, I like your product idea. But if you really take "the issue of personal information very seriously", why does your (mandatory) app embed 8 third-party trackers?

It's hard to take the @EU_Commission's attempt to regulate with the seriously when at the same time they let its power grow even further by approving the merger.

Via @privacyint privacyinternational.org/news-

Interoperability in the EU Digital Markets Act: more work needed /cc @patrickbreyer@pirati.cc @ilumium ianbrown.tech/2020/12/16/438/

I've written an opinion piece for Foundation about what legislators should do to help turn the internet into a place for people.


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