⚒️ The is sledgehammering the moderation of online speech, threatening to crush freedom of expression instead of enabling it. My latest for @edri:


If I were the movie industry I'd look at recent tech history, be scared by my own dependence on , and set up a @peertube instance to bring my movie trailers to the masses.

@echo_pbreyer @humanetech Only question is: Has the Commission really not answered this in over 4 months?

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The evidence speaks for itself. The spread of biometric mass surveillance across different EU countries shows why we need a new law banning it.

Pass this on.

🔎 Read the EVIDENCE: reclaimyourface.eu/evidence-in

✏️ SIGN our formal ECI: reclaimyourface.eu


The goal here is to become as monopolistic as possible. But there are alternatives such as @matrixdotorg@twitter.com we need to stop the large BigTech building closed systems.

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Another implication of this, is the lack of interoperability. Every company is trying to make it's service a global tool to tap on the "network effect" and in doing so is not doing it with open source or open protocols

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The latest by @edri bringing you the hottest digital rights news is out! 🥁🎉

Read about:

🙅🏾‍♀️ How AI discriminates
💡 116 MEPs demand AI limits to put people before profit
🏆 Czech Big Brother Awards awards worst privacy culprits
👀 And more!


Want to understand just how serious Apple is about protecting your privacy? Look no further than the privacy dumpster fire that is Apple News.

- Doesn’t respect your tracker blocking preferences

- Forced on you, where supported

- To remove, you must disable System Integrity Protection

#Apple #privacy

Ban ads! Excellent campaign from the folks at in the U.S. 👏

In the EU, too, we should protect people & society against targeted manipulation.


@aral And when it comes to making money, somehow we lost sight along the way that there's nothing wrong with running an apple pie business and being happy selling 50 pies a week if that's all you need. I've never understood the infinite growth mentality. Nor why being a serial entrepreneur should be seen as a good thing. Nor why your grandma needs an account on Facebook to see photos of the grandkids. That's not the web. It's opposite of it. I hope our future will be different.

I recently got my new Fairphone 3+ with /e/ OS preinstalled - today I put it into operation. The setup of the Fairphone was quick, easy and problem-free. It works flawlessly and I can recommend both the Fairphone and /e/ OS. Good work, good product! 👍

@e_mydata @gael

Alle: "Es ist , wir müssen unseren Energieverbrauch senken!"

so: "Wir zeigen, wie einfach man mit der Grafikkarte Geld errechnet."

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