Global tech businesses whining of not being able to break the law any more.

It's annoying to see the ease with which the tech industry abuses the pandemic to reduce people's fundamental rights.


🤫 "Keeping private communications private should remain the main focus of the EU. Not mandating upload filters, not breaking encryption, not mandating platforms to police the internet." says
and member

#EUdataP #EUdataP

L'Union européenne doit imposer l'interopérabilité aux géants du Web

La Commission européenne s'apprête à lancer un nouveau débat législatif sur les hébergeurs Web. Depuis 2000, ces hébergeurs sont protégés par la directive e-commerce, adoptée alors qu'Internet posait sans doute moins de problèmes juridiques qu'aujourd'hui. Les règles étaient simples : un hébergeur n

Which of these messaging services do you actively use?

After Linux, the /e/OS Easy Installer is now available for Windows! Getting /e/OS on your device is easier than ever!

Read our documentation for more information by following the link below:
#privacy #YourDataIsYOURData #EasyInstaller

Just realised that @signalapp has silently introduced voice and video calls in its desktop app. 👏👏👏

So wie @kooptech hier auf sollten Journalist*innen |fragen einordnen. steht als ja nicht zum Selbstzweck im luftleeren Raum, sondern hat einen historischen und politiktheoretischen Kontext.

When will the EU Commission (and other politicians) finally understand that is *not* a "key digital technology" or "major development". It's an inefficient database with no relevant use case in 12 years of existence.

"The Chinese do it. The Russians do it. We’ll do it too." Europe’s "data-obsessed internal market commissioner" Thierry says data should stay in Europe, according to .

Which comms person has approved this frightening quote? 😬

Don't get me wrong: EU policies should sure enable European companies to provide competitive digital services (think and ), but EU law should not require data beyond obligations.

We are committed to open source and privacy. We've even built our own notification service to enable you to completely quit Google. 💪😎 Here's why this is important:
#NoMoreGoogle #OpenSource #privacy

Writing about "is a bizarre journey to nowhere. (...) I’ve never seen so much bloated bombast fall so flat on closer inspection."

Please consider this, @ThierryBreton, when you write your next digital strategy for the EU.

The problem with #TikTok is not whether it is based in China or the US. The problem with TikTok is TikTok. Here's why:

The Easy Installer for Linux has been updated! This latest version supports a new phone model, the Samsung Galaxy S8.
The Windows version is soon to be released, so stay tuned!
Head to our documentation for more information:
#privacy #YourDataIsYOURData

@protonmail @Tutanota I mean I get it: companies need to differentiate their paid-for products. But aren't there less privacy/security relevant features to do that? Inbox size, addressbook fields, IMAP or not, support, etc.?

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I don't understand why -friendly providers like @protonmail, @Tutanota, Posteo, and others artificially limit the number of email aliases their customers can create (at least Mailbox,org offers 25). Aliases don't cost anything but are key to increasing email privacy and .

I've never played in my life but what is doing with its attack against 's app store is pretty cool.

It would be even cooler though if Epic used the of alternative app stores on and published Fortnite as on @fdroidorg

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