“Prosecuting someone is _supposed_ to be difficult. Law enforcement should be efficient but there are reasons why taking away someone’s freedom is difficult in a situation of rule of law” –@ilumium (@edri@twitter.com) at #CEPS #JUDIT Conference on #eEvidence @CEPS_thinktank@twitter.com

As part our commitment to open source, today we are announcing the release of GopenPGP, an open source golang encryption library. This library powers all our apps and has been audited for security by @sec_consult. protonmail.com/blog/openpgp-go

Guten Morgen, ich habe mich entschlossen, neben Twitter auch Mastodon zu nutzen, über die Instanz bonn.social (Hallo, @Sascha_Foerster@twitter.com). Freue mich auch dort über Gesprächspartner und bin gespannt, ob automatisches Crossposting funktioniert :-)


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