Looking forward to the #EDRi GA this weekend in Berlin. Will be great to meet all those people involved in organisations defending our rights and freedoms.

"To EU institutions, presents itself as a charity organization that fights against child abuse. Meanwhile, the organization repeatedly brought up its proprietary child abuse tracking software in meetings with EU officials."

Crucial reporting from Alex about Ashton Kutcher's shady EU lobbying activities in Brussels.


I don't think the EU Commission realises that its dangerous proposal would make illegal the exact same chat apps that it wants its officials to use for reasons. CC @YlvaJohansson @ThierryBreton @Vestager @Vonderleyen @signalapp


The EU Commission is planning automatic CSAM scanning of your private communication – or total surveillance in the name of child protection. This would be the worst surveillance apparatus outside of China, and completely disproportionate. Affected would be all communication providers, also when operating outside of Europe. We must fight against this draft to protect our privacy! 💪💪💪

@ilumium Was ich aus den Häusern als Rückmeldung bekommen habe: ja

Threema Push is here! Time to say goodbye to Google’s push service. 👋 threema.ch/bp/threema-push

🚨 Achtung! Leak zur #Chatkontrolle 🚨

EU-Kommissarin Johansson will heute den Frontalangriff auf die Privatsphäre ALLER EU-Bürger.innen präsentieren. In Berlin rufen wir euch dazu auf euch den Protesten anzuschließen:
14 Uhr, Unter den Linden 78 (Vertretung der EU-Kommission)!

Here is the first leak I've seen from the Commission's upcoming "we-will-break-into-everyone's-private-chats" law.

This looks like a shameful general law entirely unfitting for any free democracy.

(via Moritz Körner@Twitter)

Is Commissioner @YlvaJohansson breaking her promise on encryption with upcoming EU law?

President @vonderleyen: we count on you to stop this attack. Protect #E2EE and reject any proposal that FORCES mass scanning of our private communications! #KeepItSecure #DoBetter

Thanks to Commissioners like Ylva Johansson there is an endless stream of policy proposals that undermine and threaten , and for everyone.

Folks within the @EU_Commission need to stand up and say no.

The Commission and member state governments are going completely nuts in terms of powers and other laws vulnerable to misuse.

And the European Parliament just waves it through. It's a real shit show.


🇬🇧 The EU Parliament today approved the upgrading of the EU police authority #Europol. In the future, Europol is to be allowed to collect masses of data on unsuspicious persons and air travel data. #Pirates voted against this reform!

Read more: patrick-breyer.de/en/plenary-v

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