hello yes i switched instances, i'm now on enby.club come and find me @ilimati@enby.club

thesis: cops are bad
antithesis: fox mulder is good

synthesis: fox mulder is a bad cop, which makes him good

Registration to enby.club is now open!

We're a small Mastodon based instance built for the non-binary community, allies and binary trans people are welcome to join also.

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kinda feel like getting a rosa luxemburg tattoo

now it's total eclipse of a heart. i am torn between shouting down to shut them up or starting to sing along which should have a similar effect.

also that fucking downstairs party wouldn't be half as bad if they didn't have such a terrible taste in music. missy elliot after wolle petry? who made their playlists

imagine living in a time where you could just go live in a cave and people would think you were the voice of the gods instead of throwing you in jail immediately

currently watching: ghoul on netflix. very much recommend so far.

when will i ever learn to not watch any creepy shit right before bedtime. prediction: never.

they're playing wolfgang petry and i am dying x_x

tfw you need peace and quiet but the downstairs neighbors are having a loud party. welp.

Dystopia should at least come with complementary body armor

fun fact: when i was looking for a more gender neutral name for myself arcade was pretty far up the list and still is

daily reminders 

have you taken your pills today? drank enough water? eaten? remembered that trans women are women and trans men are men and nonbinary folx are whatever they say they are? remembered that you are loved?

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