Sad to see that Mastodon has still failed to mature as a platform and lacks **many** good features. I think its obvious Mastodon's social growth is highly constrained and won't appeal to a wider audience. Think it's time for me to take my leave from here.

@ilpianista Usually for newbie friends I install #LinuxMint since it requires almost zero maintenance from my part. To some people which I see more often I install #Antergos. Lately I'm considering #Solus as the goto for all people since it seems to have the best of both worlds.

Happy to report that my @tuxedocomputers laptop is very capable of playing Shadow of Mordor at Ultra settings with absolutely no frame drop. In fact when I hooked it up to my 28" G-SYNC Predator Monitor, it was happily blasting out 70-80fps.

This thing is a beautiful, beautiful beast.

Look who joined Mastodon .... @SolusProject :O

Late Night Linux - Episode 12 is now out!

Nextcloud scaling up, decentralised Internet, KDE love, Devuan, Linux in the real world, Fedora’s sales pitch and more on LNL 12.

Got my computers all happy with all the distros - Ubuntu Mate, OpenSuse Tumbleweed, Solus and Elementary. I love all these distros, but I swear, Solus is the most solid and crash free distro I know, even if I can't quite use it as my daily driver (because of software requirements). I'm using it more and more though. I'm thinking it'll be the best one for dual booting my mom's Macbook, when that plan comes to fruition. Nice job @ikey and friends.

Just a few days under a week's usage into the #Solus install, with the budgie desktop.. Truth be told, I have to wonder why this wasn't made earlier. Had it been, I think it might have surpassed Ubuntu in popularity. But I am just guessing. Any ways to the @ikey and the rest of the Solus team. I think you guys are on to something. 👍

Or "why I don't have an unboxing channel on YouTube". New @tuxedocomputers laptop just turned up, let the awesome begin!

The newly refreshed website design is now live! Much more informative, and a far fresher feel. Mad props to Joshua Strobl :)

"Yet more Ubuntu fallout including forks of their dead desktop and mobile platform, Libreboot wants to rejoin GNU, mobile Linux coming together, IoT standardisation and how to spread the word about FOSS on LNL 10."

There comes a point when progress can be helped significantly through the art of tricking interns.

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