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Here’s the good news: I think we have at least 6 months before your boss finds this place.

100 Mastodon myths:

1. Mastodon is hard.

FALSE. It’s a "soft"ware. Not hardware.

2. You have to use Linux to post on Mastodon.

FALSE. FreeBSD and OpenBSD are also supported.

3. You need to learn to use the Vim editor before posting on Mastodon.

FALSE. There’s also an emacs plugin.

4. Mastodon is only for computer nerds.

FALSE. As you can see, we sometimes try to make jokes that everyone could understand.

RT @DaveScheidt
I understand everyone is having fun making fun of Twitter right now and I don't want to tone police but PLEASE remember to also make fun of the crypto crash happening right now as well.

You know you work with Apple fanboys when an sharing their screen in one of the ton of useless meetings uses stage manager on their computer like a crazy person.

Once again a few hours wasted debugging a problem that turned out to be Xcode not rebuilding the project correctly, I really hate that "IDE"

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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The “access contacts” app permission is still the worst and most dangerous one out there. I wish mobile OS vendors could find a way to rate limit and monitor apps’ use of that data.

If you're not quite satisfied with the looks / readability / performance of your Mastodon instance and you're looking for a more Twitter-like experience, take a look at this web client:

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