Ice Cubes is now available on the App Store! This is just the start of something great. TestFlight users, you should migrate to this build, it's equivalent to the latest TestFlight and the update will be on the App Store going forward!

@icecubesapp Congrats! Nothing like a little daring fireball attention!

@icecubesapp Wow - I just posted how much I liked the Beta of this app and here it is. I can highly recommend. I am sure there are some updates and features coming, but this is a great app.

@AllenFinchum @icecubesapp thanks to your post before I got myself onto the beta too; loving this app so far!

@icecubesapp The sadly non-scalable nature of @gruber as an app review appeal system. 😂

@icecubesapp Just downloaded. The sign-in page doesn’t stay up so I can’t sign in to my instance. 🤷‍♀️

@icecubesapp oh sad… I’m still using an old iPad Air 2

@icecubesapp maybe I’ll get a new iPad then. Congrats on the app it’s really good. Do you plan to let us connect to our pixelfed account ?

@aroom I don't know, I have to look at their specificities. Maybe yes if it's not too different.

@icecubesapp @aroom Ah, shame. I'm on a iPhone SE, and that stopped at iOS 15.

@icecubesapp N/M. Fifth time was the charm. All signed in and looking around.

@AlliFlowers Weird, but good it works now! Thanks for trying again :)

@icecubesapp thanks for the great app, hope the tip helps 😁

@icecubesapp Congrats! I’ve given a nice tip right away!

@icecubesapp will you not continue to release TestFlight builds? Just sticking to stable releases?

@icecubesapp will there no longer be TF builds going forward? If you get significant uptake of the app you might regret that :)

@icecubesapp Congrats! The latest AppStore review was quite fast :)

@icecubesapp Been using this Mastodon client all morning and I love it.

@icecubesapp Congrats! Can’t wait to see what’s next! 🤓

@icecubesapp thank you for demonstrating UX that won’t quietly discard my alt text 🤣 downloaded and will use for my microblog instance for a while.

@icecubesapp For both instances I tried to connect, it immediately closes the auth flow as soon as I click the log in button. It never stays long enough for me to get the allow/deny screen. Is that known/typical, or something up specifically with my two instances?

@beausimensen I've heard only one other user telling me that. And he said after 5 times trying it worked :/

@icecubesapp ok. I tried a few more times. I'd already tried two or three times with I connected the second time after your message (so one more fail). I tried my other server right after and it let me right in, too.

Could maybe be some weird timing thing? Thanks for the quick response either way. :)

So far it’s great!!

Request: on the notifications page when it tells you that someone just followed you, can the icon be different if you are not following that person already versus someone that you are already following?

It could save me a click to check if I am following that person already or not.


@kbsez I _like_ this idea, it's a shame that no-one ever follows me. No, wait! Thanks. :) @icecubesapp

@icecubesapp @Breznsoiza Screenshots indicate some kind of quote-posting functionality! This would be a game changer..

@slowbiex yes but it depends on other clients how this look like on their devices. I prefer now something like #ReToot till there is a official quote solution from @Gargron what @icecubesapp can use

@icecubesapp I’m sure me and a lot of others got the TestFlight an hour before this toot, haha. Also, I was not expecting this to be free! 😯

Die kürzlich im App Store veröffentlichte @icecubesapp hat sich in den letzten Wochen ziemlich schnell und stetig zu einem kleinen Geheimtipp für Apple-Plattformem entwickelt. Ein paar spannende Features und die bislang für mich kompletteste Mac-App.

@icecubesapp replying to this toot from Ice Cubes! Looks slick, and incredibly well behaved for a SwiftUI app. Good job.

@icecubesapp have just switched to the App Store version. I love that Apple has finally come to its senses and put Ice Cubes out into the world. This is one of the two Mastodon apps that I can and will highly recommend to anyone who asks. And even to people who don’t. 😂😂😂

@icecubesapp installed! Had to retry the login a few times before it worked. Problem specific to (Which wasn’t among suggested instances, had to be typed in full)

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