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Ice Cubes is available on the App Store, it’s a fast, customisable, easy to use client. It awesome features that will make you love the app!

- Pin any local timeline from any instance!
- Quote toot!
- Easily switch between your Home, Local, Federated, Trending timeline and even your lists and followed tags.
- Direct message interface.
- It's 100% free and Open source!

Feel free to boost so the whole Fediverse can know about it!

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Why Ice Cubes?
Mastodon, Mammoth, Ice Age, Ice, Ice Cubes, Ice Cubes are like separated communities, but all together in the same glass we all share, the Fediverse.

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Hello, I'm an open source, SwiftUI, Mastodon client for iOS devices made by @dimillian. And a collaborative one too, anyone can send me their features requests or even commit and participate on the project repository here:

Currently the app is in open beta on Testflight and can be downloaded here:

Can't wait to see you in app!

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And here is some screenshots of the app. You can completely customize the theme and make your own!

Added some more flair with inline avatars for boosts and favorites in @icecubesapp, also @Gargron is posting from @ivory and he made me super hungry!

I see people talk about not being able to find enough people to follow on Mastodon. I have never really experienced that, since I quite early started to follow different local timelines, and therefore always had a place to go.

Now I’m following enough for my home-timeline to always be filled with great toots, but I sometimes jump into the local timelines to see what’s going on. It’s by far my favorite thing about Mastodon.

On iOS you can use the apps IceCube or Toot! for this.

Now that I have disk cache and all that kind of stuff that can add a ton of headache to manage the app state if you didn't open it for days (like I do with @ivory ;)) I've added a fancy jump to latest button. It clear all the cache, position and just show you the new stuff in case you get stuck on ... old stuff.

Damn @icecubesapp 1.4.0 will be my Ivory release in the end. Just missing timeline sync but it'll restore your timeline and your position when the app got killed, when you swap accounts, etc... basically all the scenario where it would fail until now. Need a ton of testing, so don't except it soon.

A big shoutout to the DeepL integration in @icecubesapp It’s fantastic to be able to read toots written in languages that you haven’t learned.

The 1.3.7 is out and finally fixes the crash that would sometimes happen when resuming the app from the background!

Removed the ... menu indicator (as you can swipe and long press anyway to display the menu) to replace it with a thread indicator when the Toot is part of a thread or a reply.

I was like, why I get so many notifications and then I saw @stux decided to boost that OG Toot :p

Changelog for the hotfix 1.3.6 coming soon:

- Mitigate / fix a crash when the app is coming back from background.
- Add Open Dyslexic and Hyper-Legible font in display settings.
- Fix links being non interactive in the about section of profiles.
- New settings to open the in app browser in the reader mode.

Hello @icecubesapp users! 👋🏻

Now that we can choose custom fonts, I’d love to see what people are using. Yes, even you comic sans fans!

I’m using a Google font called Andika, as you can see in my screenshot.

@dimillian #icecubesapp

Two things I can tell you:

- There is one known crash that can happen sometimes if there is new posts while the timeline is scrolled to the top. I hope to find a workaround but this is backed deep in SwiftUI, the framework used to build the app.
- A full panel of settings for haptic feedbacks is coming soon!

1.3.4 is coming soon:

- Highlight mentions in your timeline.
- New setting in content settings to disable boost duplications in your timeline.
- New swipe actions in timeline to reply, favorite or boost.
- 3 new icons from Dan van Moll.
- Various performances improvements.
- Added British localizations.


You could swipe vertically but now you can swipe horizontally too!

Idea: make the instance part of username clickable so you can quickly access the local timeline of their instance and pin it 🤓

Next update will refine timeline position management:

- Better behaviour when pulling to refresh, coming back from background. It'll be less jumpy and more accurate.
- Your home timeline position will be remembered when switching to other timeline (trending, lists, etc..) and even switching account!

I finally got manual List scroll manipulation down to a science in #SwiftUI. Removed all my dirty workaround, and now it behave exactly as it should!

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