Tech nonsense 

For the first time ever, I encountered a male-lightning-to-female-USB-A adapter, so I grabbed some peripherals to see which would work.
Keyboard: worked as expected!
Mouse: the laser lights up, but if course iOS doesn't have cursor support, so it doesn't do anything interesting.
Thumb drive: iOS hilariously claims it requires too much power.

Construction's looking good on the Margaret crossing of Johnson Parkway! I hope the asphalt part isn't so wide that cars think they're allowed to go that way.

Yoo, just got a reminder to play The Stanley Parable! I set that reminder just over 5 years ago so I can get the Go Outside achievement. Is a livestream in order?

The new bike lanes on Forest St aren't quite done being painted, but they're looking good!

This episode was a ton of fun! I got to break out my "zany radio announcer" voice at least three times! Also, we're establishing a tradition of showcasing iPhone cameras with terrible pictures of me, and I love it.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is out, so time for the rest of my media consumption to pause while I try to finish this before meeting Hank on Monday!

Wait, I have a Google branded blanket in my house?? This is the best!!

How... How does YouTube know EXACTLY what I'm searching for??

This doesn't look like an appealing part of town. Seriously, "Muck Street"??

Hey, my chiropractor has a Google Home in his office!

Oh, wait...

The way that Google Maps tries to keep a street's name following the curve of the street itself does goofy things sometimes.

I've never secured a box to the outside of my cargo rack before. It went really well, it didn't rattle around or feel like it was in danger of falling off at all!

No, Amazon, installing a hard drive is literally the easiest computer modification to do.

Alright, let's test that notification system with an image.

Playing Greed this weekend, I had a couple of fantastic first rolls, such as five sixes and a five for 2450 points! But that was evened out by the two times I started a round by rolling duds.

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