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It's almost Halloween, but buying new electronics doesn't have to be a scary experience! I sat down with Brian, Ryan, and Aron to talk about what we look for in different categories of computers. We also have a few horror stories you can learn from.

Pro tip: when trying to make sophisticated literary references, it's important not to get Animal Farm mixed up with Animal House.

Had a dream last night that was pretty much Peak Ian: I was chasing the Northstar train, sprinting as fast as I could on my bike to try to get to the station before the train left.

Getting ready for the longest day of biking in my life (so far!) Gonna be over 80km, if Google Maps routing is correct.

Wait, I don't have work on Monday?? These holidays keep sneaking up on me.

I can't take horror movies seriously, but they sure do give me an appreciation for the art of cinematography.

"The biggest side effect of vaccines is fewer dead children."
Dang, that's a fantastic line.

One of my Game Design groups named their game "Escape Goat," and they were shocked when I told them that there is already a game out with that exact name.

BRAINSTORMING SESSION! I need a bunch of fake school clubs for my students to make websites about. Come up with the silliest club or sports team you can think of!

Wait wait waitwaitwait.
Minesweeper came preinstalled on my **phone**?? Oh, there goes my entire life.

Great, another processor-level vulnerability. Patches are out already, but that does make me wonder: how do I know if I have the patch installed? Is it delivered via an OS update? Do I get it straight from Intel?

I hear a lot of talk about the upcoming 5G standard for cellular devices, but this is the first I've heard of WiFi 6. Curious to see more details on that.

Whoever programmed Audacity's Noise Reduction tool is a freaking miracle worker.

How's this for narrowcasting: the neighborhood paper ran an article about the community radio station that my podcast is broadcast on!

So I'm about to teach high schoolers about computer ports, but I'm struggling to figure out how I can teach this topic and keep it interesting. Any ideas?

Panic! At the Disco should write a song about academically rigorous courses:

"The teacher had high, high, high expectations..."

Sad to hear that PodCon won't be happening again. Everything I'm into seems to be financially unsustainable.

I have been on more campouts than I can count, and consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of s'mores.
I just met a genius who told me to put in a Reese's cup instead of a chocolate bar. This changes **everything**.

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