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It's almost Halloween, but buying new electronics doesn't have to be a scary experience! I sat down with Brian, Ryan, and Aron to talk about what we look for in different categories of computers. We also have a few horror stories you can learn from.

Voice-activated assistants aren't paying attention until you use the hotwords to get their attention.
Google: "Okay Google" or "Hey Google"
Amazon Echo: "Alexa"
Apple: Hey "Siri"
Microsoft: "Cortana"
Ian R Buck: "Star Wars"

“Staff are confident that there’ll be no conflict there with that distance with children coming and going,” Ian Buck, director of development services, said Monday at Courtenay council.

“That pedestrian traffic has moved over to this lot because it’s not fenced,” Buck said. “From a pedestrian connectivity point of view, there’s a lot of density on Braidwood Road.”

This is a a really fun one to get sucked into!
Size Venn Diagram

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Mastodon allows a maximum of four images per post because a human has four eyes.

This service was 100% built exactly for me: I give it the blogs I want to keep up with, and it generates text-to-speech podcast episodes of new blog posts!

At this point, half the reason I stand in public places eating carrots is so I get asked why I'm standing around eating carrots.

Definitely just overheard a student say "did you know there's a Bee Movie??"

Google changed their emoji style back in 2017 from the flat blobs to the gradient circles. On desktop, Hangouts (a dead product walking) uses the new style but Gmail uses the old style. How is this possible??

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if you experience a collapse in local euclidian geometry, dial 1-800-MC-ESCHR

What browser extensions can you not live without? I'm putting together a podcast episode about them, and I want to hear about your favorites! If you want your voice in the episode, send a recording to! Otherwise just reply here.

A little preview of the conclusion of Robots Will Steal Your Job. 😉

Twin Cities folks! Are you nostalgic for high school? Do you like musicals? Do you want to support youth theater? YAI is putting on a production of High School Musical, opening tonight and running for two weekends!

The more times I have to watch High School Musical, the more I like it.

Had my first fall of the winter season just as it's coming to a close! It was nice and smooth, didn't get hurt. My front fender attachment came out, but it's just a plastic clip so it was easy to reattach.

During intermission, All Star comes up on the playlist. The kid helping with sound says, "why is this meme song playing??" 😆😅😭

If you live in St Paul, you might be interested in going to the mayor's State of Our City Summit!

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