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It's almost Halloween, but buying new electronics doesn't have to be a scary experience! I sat down with Brian, Ryan, and Aron to talk about what we look for in different categories of computers. We also have a few horror stories you can learn from.

The problem, according to Peddie, isn't so much the hardware as it is the software. Nvidia has a special language called CUDA, first developed by Stanford professor Ian Buck, who is now head of Nvidia's AI efforts.

[Students working on group activity]
Student 1: Daaaaang, we've got a future genius over here!
Student 2: _Future??_

“The City routinely works with a range of organizations that represent the various voices of the community and we look forward to working with individuals and organizations on this committee” said Ian Buck director of development services.

The next episode of The Extra Dimension is going to be all about biking as a primary form of transportation!
If you have questions for a couple of bike commuters, ask here!
If you bike every day, what do you want everyone to know about it?
I'll use them in the episode.

Ajit Pai's FCC is awful. The San Francisco law that landlords cannot block ISPs from offering service to their tenants should be adopted Nationwide, not preempted.

"In terms of China, I think they've clearly stated that they have a domestic accelerator and processor strategy that they will pursue, and that’s clearly what they are doing," Buck said.

Mom's Chromebook has so many tabs open, the close tab button isn't showing for any of them. This would be impossible to solve of I didn't teach her the keyboard shortcut to close a tab.

"I/O was king. The compute was very thin. If you looked at those servers, there was the cheapest, simplest CPUs, a decent amount of memory and a ton of flash storage or even disk with lots of I/O. It was an I/O-driven-centric data center."

Crowley's relationship with his car? That's me and my bike.

We have just six days of school left, and it was finally warm enough to wear shorts on my commute to work today.

Pro tip: when trying to make sophisticated literary references, it's important not to get Animal Farm mixed up with Animal House.

Had a dream last night that was pretty much Peak Ian: I was chasing the Northstar train, sprinting as fast as I could on my bike to try to get to the station before the train left.

Getting ready for the longest day of biking in my life (so far!) Gonna be over 80km, if Google Maps routing is correct.

Wait, I don't have work on Monday?? These holidays keep sneaking up on me.

I can't take horror movies seriously, but they sure do give me an appreciation for the art of cinematography.

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