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It's almost Halloween, but buying new electronics doesn't have to be a scary experience! I sat down with Brian, Ryan, and Aron to talk about what we look for in different categories of computers. We also have a few horror stories you can learn from.

I brought a microphone stand with me to do some brief recordings in my room... but the desk clamp isn't in the box. I'm gonna cry.

I have woken up at 5:30 because my body thinks it's 7:30. This, despite not getting to bed until almost midnight. I hope I can fall back to sleep for another hour or so.

Riding around an unfamiliar, hilly city on a subpar bike at 11:30pm (when my body is telling me it's 1:30am) in 45° rain... was not as bad as I would have expected.

Hmm... There aren't any grocery stores open in the area at 11:30pm. I guess cereal tomorrow morning is going to be dry.

Aww, Seattle's light rail doesn't have WiFi. What a shame.

I always forget how long it takes to get all the humans off a plane.

St Paul suburbs have confusing names; I propose we rename them for clarity:
North St Paul is to the north, that can stay.
Woodbury should be renamed "East St Paul."
West St Paul and South St Paul should merge and be named South St Paul.
Minneapolis should be named West St Paul.

Whenever I read "unionized" I have to stop for a moment to figure out if it's supposed to be "un-ionized" or "union-ized."

Surprising absolutely nobody who knows me, I've volunteered to be one of the co-chairs of the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition. Let's work together to make this the most bikeable metro area in the world!

Apparently I've got Bob Ross in my class. I asked a student if he had made a mess, and he said, "it's not a mess, it's a happy little accident!"

There's a guy at this meeting who has a Pebble Time, a Pixel 3, and I saw a notification from 1 Second Every Day.

Tech twin!

Finished reading a book a minute before getting to the end on my music playlist, which in turn was five minutes before my bedtime.
And all is right with the universe.

My dad found an illustrated book I made in 2nd grade about spaceships! Things I notice about it:

The front cover includes "Author: Ian. Illustrations: John"
Good, I was already learning proper attribution!

The last page says "Do not copy. Copyright © 2001 by Ian Buck."
My attitude towards copyright has changed drastically. Please copy my stuff!

The back of the book is promotional material on why you should read it. Never too early to start self-promotion!

The school district has been issuing MacBooks to staff for many years before I started working here, but I still occasionally find myself teaching coworkers how to right-click.

Three groups in my game design class are making food-related games. Are they really hungry during my class? They have lunch right beforehand. Mildly concerned.

For the first time in 20 years, works are entering the public domain due to their copyrights expiring! Works published in 1923 are entering the public domain this year.

I started working at a Cub Scout camp nine years ago. The oldest of those kids are seniors in high school now. I now teach high school.
Does this mean I'm destined to become a college professor in a couple years?

This is a great way for Google to drive more apps away from the Play Store, distributing APKs through other channels. Which Google doesn't want, makes ddiscoverability a nightmare, and is riskier for users.

My brain is alternating between two songs stuck in my head: Auld Lang Syne, and Don't Stop Me Now.

It's very confusing.

My feelings while recording an audiobook alternate between
* This is really fun, I feel cool doing this!
* I cannot form basic words, how do I suck so much at speaking?

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