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I should probably have done the thing shouldn't I?

, , planning advisor, , , , , sometime .

Interested in most things, except synchronised swimming because jokes are never getting old. But especially , and related

Oh, and because glory hunting is for wimps.

Hopelessly inept typsit.

There is just something awesome about blocking entire domains of shitposters and racists with a single click.

Once more with the #introduction hashtag: I’m a white woman approaching sixty and I live in Oxford. I’m a climate psychologist with a focus on what it feels like to do climate work and how we can look after ourselves. For example, climate cafés - simple facilitated spaces to share feelings with others. And Living With the Climate Crisis:

Email translations:

“I was under the impression”
Translation: I’m furious

“As per my email”
Translation: I’m furious

“With respect”
Translation: I’m furious

“Whilst I appreciate”
Translation: I’m furious

“As I’m sure you’re aware”
Translation: I’m furious

Reform UK @reformparty_uk are said to be preparing a full list of candidates.

This will be a goldmine for AntiFascists.

I remember the heady days of unvetted #Ukip candidates quitting daily after their extremist / criminal / unsavoury past was unveiled.

#ElonMusk, who endorsed the Republican Party, wields absolute control over the information on Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg, who allowed Russian ads to flood Facebook in 2016, wields absolute control over the information on Facebook & Instagram. Social Media is a right-wing oligarchy:

Out of control speculation led to the Great Crash of 1929.

Wall Street deregulation led to the financial crisis of 2008.

Crypto delusion led to the crypto crash in 2022.

The worst is yet to come — just look at FTX.

All Ponzi schemes topple eventually. Crypto is no different.

UK Politics; PPE scandal 

Happily, the Guardian have collated all the denials and obfuscations from Baroness Mone as to her involvement with PPE Medpro, and contrasted them with the facts as we now know them

And that sound you hear? Well, I think it may be some chickens coming home to roost

#UKPolitics #PPE #PPEMedpro #MichelleMone #VIPLane

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I am puzzled by why the organizers would agree to hold COP27 in Egypt and COP28 in UAE, when both countries are very publicly opposed to phasing out FF. Anyone here know? I'm genuinely curious.

BREAKING : A poll for #C4News conducted today of 1006 voters in Scotland (412 of whom voted SNP at last election) finds 50% would vote SNP at next election. And 51% say their vote should be used as a mandate to negotiate independence

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Brexit consequences 

Looking for a handy list of disastrous Brexit consequences? Look no further (with more than a hat-tip to Mr James O’Brien!) | Joel Baccas


#OtD 23 Nov 1909 over 20,000 mostly female Jewish garment workers in NYC walked out on a general strike: the biggest stoppage of women workers in America to date. Facing severe repression, they held out for 11 weeks and won big concessions


23 November 1943 | The 62nd transport of #Jews deported from Drancy in German-occupied #France arrived at #Auschwitz.

Out of 1,200 people, the SS doctors selected 241 men & 45 women to be registered in the camp as prisoners.

The remaining 914 people were murdered immediately in a gas chambers after the selection.

9-years-old Francis Levin was among them.

#history #Holocaust #ww2 #WorldWar2 #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget @histodons

UK Politics 

I’m living in the UK for over 18 & the rhetoric towards immigrants is becoming more and more toxic. I’m German, I always will have a non-British accent. I’m a qualified therapist & relationship coach. Before I was self-employed I worked with an organisation that helped people who suffered from substance misuse. I’ve done tons of charity work & still do some free work. Keir Starmer is now saying that the UK’s economy must wean itself off immigration. I’m disappointed & worried. 🙁

Can never get over this #murmuration video by photographer Søren Solkær (apropos of being among friends):

We need to either regulate or bust up corporations (like Ticketmaster) that corner markets. But to do so, we must get big money out of politics.

When monopoly power is combined with political clout, the public gets taken for a ride.

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The fediverse has had a really big cold start challenge with the sudden entry of many un-networked people and new instances. Common complaints of ‘the search doesn’t work’ are largely about the way it doesn’t work *yet*, when everyone joins at once with no history. It’s been fascinating to see ad hoc infrastructures, from lists to individual labour, fill the gap. Cold start, but warm humans.

Settling in here, I'm starting to get a feel for the vibe difference between this and that other place. It's not that there are no jerks here. But the scale is more manageable, and that's everything.

It's like the difference between rolling your eyes at your racist uncle at a holiday dinner and discovering you booked the same hotel that's hosting a Klan rally.

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