I'm a jumble of conflicting personalities.

I live in the hinterlands of and work remotely, so I'm slowly going a bit goofy. I'm and a (pretty much the best job in the world).

I love playing (esp. ), reading , , and a whole lot of history. I'm a forever student of and , and I enjoy creating and reading .

Other current octothorpes:

@iambarr Kinda like maps myself. I worked at DeLorme Mapping before they were bought out by Garmin. But that was digital work instead of the great old hand drawn maps of old. Love old atlases

@PaulOBrien I like the digital as well. I just finished up a Certificate of Grad Studies in GIS, and I'm wondering where to go next. It might just be a hobby, or it might eventually lead to a job. I'm not sure yet. Did you enjoy working at DeLorme?

@iambarr DeLorme was an interesting place to work. The mapmakers were divided between two groups, the traditional paper maps (Maine Gazetteer among other States) and the digital (Map n' Go, Street Atlas) and the two sometimes never saw eye to eye. Mainly over place names. I was in digital. Overall it was a great time though the owner was a bit 'off'.

@iambarr has your interest-intersections ever taken you into developing fantasy maps?

@CloudGator Yeah, absolutely! Fantasy mapping is what sparked my interest in cartography and maps in general. Since cracking open my first fantasy novel, I've been making pen and paper maps for D&D. Over the past few years I've started doing more with software like Dungeon Designer, Inkarnate, Wonderdraft, and even ArcMap. I'm not particularly good at them yet, but they're a lot of fun.

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