there's a difference between Product Management the skill and Product Management the role

startups always need the former to get 0 to 1 but don't always need the latter

β€œI’m Interviewing With AI Companies. How Do I Know If They Have an Ethical North Star?”

Got a Cold Email Asking This Question. Here’s How I Answered

how much did BIG COPYRIGHT pay to have (c) autocorrected to ©️


investigative journalism is failing us

I’m thinking of flying to Chicago (from SF) to get my next tattoo because there’s an artist there I really like

anecdotally, i know some seed/A startups that are now 'profitable' based on the increase in interest rates

they raised enough in their previous round that the monthly interest (3-4% in a no risk savings/CD/etc) is greater than their current burn :)

when i read about software that can detect AI-written text, i immediately want to become a human who can 'fool' the classifier into thinking what i wrote was actually created by AI, because that will give it all sorts of 'page rank'-like authority, plausible deniability if needed, & somehow, in the future, connote 'correctness' more than if a human wrote it

upgrading to the largest recycling bin available to residential properties is like playing life on god mode

it's ridiculous how happy this has made me

"Hey, apologize for the late notice but i need to cancel our meeti..."

🀫 you had me at cancel

As any 20-year-old would do, she pulled out her phone and started recording as one person after another walked by her forlorn father, ignoring his offers of brochures. She added a wistful, instrumental version of the Wiz Khalifa song β€œSee You Again” and put it out to her TikTok followers.

whoa, i must have dozed off watching TV because i just imagined there was a movie called Cocaine Bear, where the plot seems to be a wild bear does cocaine and kills people. And the commercial was set to White Lines.

i texted @caseynewton something that i'm so excited to get his feedback on. but it's still early west coast time and now i'm just anxiously waiting.

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