‪Got raped by my shaman again. Third time this week :/‬

Ok we’re in a worldwide crisis and I believe we’re gonna need to fuck our way out

rly confused about what base im at when this fella goes down on me

atoms are indivisible. its in the name. defund cern

@shriekingmarxist gonna need to know what kind of radioactive material before gettin worried

A gargoyle gracefully leaps off a building, wings flapping ineffectively as it plummets 103 stories. The resulting impact kills three.

‪Man I thought watching the confirmation hearings was gonna be pretty boring but‬

Found a new animation app that allows me to waste everybody’s time on the go

I used to be the best guitarist in my house but the new roommate is in a band and practices all day and I'm so mad I'm beating off to his sweet riffs

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