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@yuri56 Nazis are bad and I do not want to give them a platform for recruiting.

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The real superhero of mastodon.social is @CM_noelle who's been onboard the moderation team for over a year.

She's the one that gets rid of the nazis by blocking their servers.

She's the one that suspend the assholes off the instance.

She's the best. With the biggest :trebuchet:

Her Patreon is here:


Eugen and the whole this bullshit don't work on me thing is beautiful

Imagine if jack said that

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My new fave thing is definitely people asking me for shit we clearly don't have

Do you guys have video games

Do you have books about cars

Do you have backpacks

@SchneidRemarks and I don't remember anyone's name except on birdsite

@SchneidRemarks hey beard dad retoot this to other cined people, social decided to eat my other account


Generalistic and moderated instance.