I've been somewhere, not here for a couple of months and 2 guy unfollowed, somw accounts stopped tooting.

After that, I got 2 more snuggle bears on ebay. And still searching them hahaha....🐻 🐻 🤑

My new drawing!😀
You don't have to buy an expensive t-shirt, draw something on your t-shirt!😊

My new drawing😁

well, I should toot more like you followers, .cloud is not for the place to show my drawing😄 mastodon.cloud/media/wau5sLZ0J

Colette in France will be closed soon?Sad!😭 🇫🇷

‹‹\(´ω` )/›› ‹‹\(  ´)/›› ‹‹\( ´ω`)/››

iOS 10.3.2 -> 11 public beta (many bugs, as expected) -> 10.3.3 beta -> 10.3.2
Welcome Back!😅

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@Arwalk Oh jeezzz, this is a huge topic.

Govt says: They want regulations and controls over foreign funded universities, and attacks it for being 'too liberal', for helping refugees and doesnt like its Gender Studies dept (no joke).

Reality: They want to kick out foreign influences it cannot control or go contrary to its right wing narrow nationalist vision of the world. Also they dont like George Soros, the founder because he's jewish (also reality)

< 500 characters LOL!!

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Today I went to the graduation ceremony of #CEU University that my country's government is trying to shut down for political reasons.

700 graduated this morning, but now their degrees are no longer recognised/accredited in #Hungary.

Pretty fucked up, in spite of the over all happiness of people at the event.

>boosted Somehow I feel like her way of drawing is so Asian, but why?😯

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ive been meaning to draw this pic for awhile but it didn't look as good as i wanted it to 😔
anyways what's ur stance on editing pictures of traditional artwork before posting?? i've heard people tell me it's ""cheating"" but i don't see a problem with it

Just remembered I went to Isamu Noguchi Art Museum in New York and Japan before, it was nice😍 And bought an Akari light later💡 mastodon.cloud/media/ys4sCFC4Y

Sadly I cannot explain that by myself😥

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