Pictured: Firefox's WebRender engine with work-in-progress GLES3 drivers. Apple M1 Mini. This uses the GPU to render Firefox, composite the desktop, and post-process the video. The video itself is software decoded, pending drivers for the orthogonal Apple Video Decoder (AVD) hardware. On Arm system-on-chips, video decoding is usually an unrelated to hardware block from 3D.

Attribution: My OpenGL driver, @lina 's kernel as usual... plus Lina's framebuffer compression patches from her stream today~

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I just published an article on how to create an area plot in Swift Charts that shows UV index throughout the day and dims values up to the current point in time inspired by the iOS Weather app.

The post can be found on my blog: nilcoalescing.com/blog/AreaCha

It is kind of magical how much easier code written with Swift async/await is compared to code that uses completion handler style semantics.

Waaaa 4000 followers on Mastodon already!!! Thank you everyone!!! ✨✨

It feels really lovely here and I'm so happy to meet everyone, both new people and those moving from Twitter!! 🥰

If you like what I do, don't forget to check out the public timeline on VT Social!! We have lots of super cool VTubers joining and I'm sure you'll find more people to follow!!! 💫


Dear #ios devs. @natpanferova has a black Friday deal with 30% off for her book "Integrating #SwiftUI into #UIKit Apps". Check it out!

I’m doing a 30% off Black Friday deal for my book “Integrating SwiftUI into UIKit Apps”! The offer will be active until the 1st of December.

The book is a detailed guide on gradually adopting SwiftUI in existing UIKit projects.

There is more information about the book and the Black Friday offer on my website: books.nilcoalescing.com/integr

Just published a short post on my blog on how we can permanently pin a view to the bottom of the screen by placing it inside safeAreaInset(edge: .bottom) modifier: nilcoalescing.com/blog/PinAVie

If we use this method with a text field, it will also automatically move to the top of the software keyboard when focused.

Kodi on the Apple M1 GPU on Linux, open drivers as always 🔥​

Really excited to share the video we recorded with Vincent Pradeilles where I present tips on working with sheets in : youtube.com/watch?v=xpG7uJ_uOu

In this video I show how to set a different color scheme for modals, present multiple sheets one on top of another and make sheets resizable with the help of the new presentationDetents() API.

Hi everyone! I’m Natalia, a software engineer in Christchurch, New Zealand. I enjoy working with and , and even had a chance to contribute to the framework as a member of the core SwiftUI team at Apple.

I like to share my learnings on nilcoalescing.com/blog and recently wrote a book on integrating SwiftUI into UIKit apps: books.nilcoalescing.com/integr

I also like nature, walking, cycling, and I have a cute dog Phoebe you might occasionally see pictures of.

Hey folks! Just realized I never properly introtooted myself. So if we haven’t met before this one’s for you.

My name is Donny, an iOS developer, nerd, father, and amateur guitarist living near Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

I work as a freelance iOS developer, I blog at donnywals.com, have two books that I’ve self published (third one is underway), and I’m lucky enough to travel to all kinds of cool places to speak at conferences.

Happy to be here! Let’s keep this place awesome. #introtoot

I feel like I should reintroduce myself with an #introduction !

I’m Dave, and I live in Wellington NZ, after emigrating here a few years ago from the UK.

👨🏻‍💻I’m an iOS developer of ~7 years now. Self taught and very much in my career on purpose, as I love the platform. I work full time as an iOS coach, where I teach + support devs in my company, and lead our direction in the platform. #iOSDev

🎙 I have a podcast with @breakthesystem over at https://www.waitingforreview.com

✍️ Sometimes I write short 100 word stories. You can check out my last collection for free at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1058931

☕️🌳 🌊 I love coffee, going for walks in the bush or on the beach.

@schwa For reals though. I have been doing some contract work on a preexisting app and it has gotten to the point that we have tossed out all the old UIKit code because it is so much more clunky to work with

#SwiftUI is awesome.

When we export localizations from a project in , it can automatically extract localizable strings and comments from Text views, as well as strings passed to the String(localized:) initializer. The generated files can be sent to translators and imported back into the project, which will automatically create Localizable.strings files with translations: nilcoalescing.com/blog/Exporti

I recently wrote a post on how to add a gradient to a bar chart in Swift Charts in a way that it doesn't fill each mark individually but rather aligns its start and end points with the entire plot area.

Here is the link to my article: nilcoalescing.com/blog/FillBar


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