@higuma07 Google translates Mastodon as maquereau (=mackerel) in French :joy:
I'm glad I know why (thanks to @anarschtroumpf and @agar :grin: )

@AlienSpoon @anarschtroumpf @agar@mstdn.io server→sa-ba-→saba→さば→鯖
japanese slang^_^

@higuma07 @AlienSpoon @agar *Weirdly enough*, Japanese slang wasn't covered in my first year at university... Now you make me want to dust off my old books and try again... xD

@lanodan_tmp @agar@mstdn.io @anarschtroumpf @AlienSpoon
Japanese people use mackerel because it is troublesome to beat the server.

@higuma07 @anarschtroumpf @agar

Ok so now I know of two fish-related term:
server => mackerel

Mastodon => masudon 鱒丼 (trout sashimi on rice, if I'm correct?)

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