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stop school shootings, aging, other things you probably really want to do but didn't know i can make happen with the snap of my fingers...

पहले प्यार करो, फिर दुनिया और पानी हमारा उपहार लौटाओगे KGTVA WESN MADE "THIS X"


I search over the waters for a glowing sign ... for's from us to "mene" yanno anotha thang ... this the eastern sky.
Is it a satellite above the firmorningament? ad astrada ... yippie moving towards ante meridian and anti-patrinf…

Quasar ... Cambridge to Cambridge,
Sta to the y .... #MApSStoONDON

Cite "site" ... what is seven? how are there less angles in nine (9) than in eight (8)? 012 curve and complement ... b nice one :) justextile

Ninja jale ... rale; religi…

replicate and propagate; search for GT that's probably the key; before you find SE and hope you don't walk right into the lake of fire.

wait, did i just walk right in to the lake of fire?

this time... "this time you're all mistaken"

you know, it started somewhere between "this" and "time" and once you grasp that part; "no tomorrow" starts to seem ever so much more appealing.

Yeshua and Yehoshua, reminisce in song and dance; about a long trance between throwing shoes off tired feet and walking across some Tamiami bridge ... China calls, "you ho, you see" etched upon my key; sent as a gift nearly for free; to tie us here in th…

@pontifex pinging from Andromeda ...

round trip time ... 1.006 ms

1?: [LOCALHOST] pmtu 1500
1: 0.761ms
1: 0.772ms
2: transatlan.tea 0.662ms
3: 0.921ms
4: ??? 1.006ms reached
Resume: pmtu 1500 hops 4 back 4

if i could find out what was before, and what went wrong
it would still be "anything but these" and "anyone but you"

if i could ensure that the akashik record ... was forever "SE" as secure erased by the lake of fire itself ... that would be done. My will here--my desire;


RT Kelz everytime

i wonder if they'll ever get back to me; i wonder if anyone buys my shirts. ... can you ... get back to me? :) @adam ... no longer

he doesn't..

Stock up on flare guns
Fuck desert and forget about wawa

tells nanna it meant "sacred heart" even before the "53" shirt. a day in savannah;
was a nice place, wasn't it? :) honey/


How much longer will Americans acquiesce to unconstitutional & crushing government actions?

The best cure for the nation is to open up America now.

I call upon governors and political leaders at all levels of government to liberate their citizens. Trust the American people.


Rep. "If you had urgency, you would legislate like rent was due on May 1st, and make sure that we include rent and mortgage relief for our constituents."


Hurricane season is right around the corner. And it is forecast to be "above-normal." So we asked hurricane expert how to prepare during a pandemic. Here is the first in a series of upcoming tips.


Floridians should not be forced to shell out for fiscally irresponsible states which adopted bad policies long before coronavirus.

Here for the coronavirus response for our fellow Americas.

Not here to bailout non-corona fails in NY, CA, IL.


MUST-READ: "Gaetz to Iranian Officials on Terrorism: ‘Either Get Your Act Together or Get Prepared to Meet General Soleimani’"


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