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Randomly decided to log on after 2 years. Is anyone here?

Fantasma still holds up as an amazing album.

How are there three babies right next to me on the train? Did I die? Is this hell?

At work I get PR emails all day. Just got one where some lady accidentally attached her tax forms to mass email sent to probably hundreds of people. HOW DO YOU FUCK UP THAT BADLY?

Well all this cultural exchange inspired me to throw on some 松原みき, and Pocket Park is still the dope shit.

Also looking for a copy of Espresso by Rajie. That shit is fire.

One more Jap record. (The cover faces the wrong way that's how you know it's *really* Japanesey.)
"It's So Creamy" is a banger.

Don't check mastodon for a few days. Now I come back, and everything is in Japanese...

When you're at work, but all you have to do is wait for various people to respond to you...

Is Mastodon the French practice I've been looking for?

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