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I want to make a test on the % reach a post can have in terms of people in other servers. Are you seeing this post on or another server? (Appreciate if you can boost this).

I hope the US House will share the Trump tax returns with the appropriate committee on the US Senate side.

It only took us 3 days...

John Cornyn finally responds to questions about Trump's dinner with Kanye and Nick Fuentes
#news #politics

BREAKING (CNN): The House Ways and Means Committee now has six years of Donald Trump's federal tax returns, ending a yearslong pursuit by Democrats to dig into one of the former president's most closely guarded personal details.

By clicking on links back to Twitter you are being counted as an active user on that site and enhancing the value of Musk’s asset.


This would make for a great Christmas card to send Mitch McConnell this year

Every night I remind people to subscribe to Democracy Docket for free. I always get responses asking how people can donate.

For this one day I am happy to offer a link where you can support through giving (though you can still just subscribe for free).

Our 9-year-old son came home from school & said that some boys at recess offered to play with him if 'he hugged & kissed a girl.'

He responded to them, "No, that's inappropriate," & told us he didn't mind not being able to play with those boys after all. Afterwards his teacher shared she was happy he stood up to peer pressure.

Y'all—it's never too early to teach boys about consent and boundaries. Have the conversation. Then have it again. And again. Boys will be the boys we teach them to be.

Today is my 1 month anniversary of signing up for Mastodon. A few observations—after spending 13+ years on Twitter:

•The Mastodon community is kinder & more focused on lifting one another up than tearing down.

•Mastodon is learning from Twitter's mistakes by including accessibility options, incorporating an edit button, & not centralizing everything

•Engagement is not dependent on clickbait or outrage, but genuine positive content.

None of the above are absolutes, but overall, glad I'm here.

I'm a Democrat. But my primary allegiance is to absolute justice—not to a political party.

President Biden urging Congress to pass a bill to impose a contract on railroad workers w/o paid sick day. That's unjust. Biden is wrong. Railroad workers want 15 days paid sick time but 4 main Corps are offering only 1 personal day:
•Union Pacific (13%⬆️profits)
•CSX (15%⬆️)
•BNSF (16%⬆️)
•Northern Southern (17%⬆️)
The problem isn't satisfying workers in need—the problem is we can't satisfy billionaire greed

I’m gonna need all y’all folx who’re rightly loud and proud regarding antisemitism to keep this SAME energy for ANTI-BLACKNESS

I’ve said it before, very FEW folx start with antisemitism…most test the waters with anti-Black words or behavior and when they face no consequences; when their bigotry and racism isn’t met with forceful rebukes, it escalates and seeks others targets

#DOJ Investigation

This is an important detail to keep in mind: Stewart Rhodes was never at the Capitol.

So the DOJ started with the vandals who were caught up in the frenzy and has now secured a conviction of seditious conspiracy for a person who was a planner but not actually at the Capitol.

Yeah, this is a big deal. Did I mention that?

Y’all still on Twitter need to leave. It’s a fascist site now, and the only thing you’re doing over there is helping fascists spread fascism by keeping their fascism broadcasting app alive longer than it needs to be.


@rvawonk This is the kind of journalism that matters so much more than whatever lunatic Trump is dining with. This is abuse of power, used against Americans.

I wrote an article diving into the statistics on far-right extremist violence compared to far-left extremist violence, and to say the least, it’s not a “both sides” problem. An estimated 75% of extremist killings in the US over the past decade are attributed to far-right extremists, compared to 4% attributed to far-left extremists — and that’s on the high end of the estimates for far-left extremist violence.

The 5 people charged today with obstructing an official proceeding on Jan 6 can get up to 20 years in jail.

And rail workers are only asking for FOUR DAYS of paid sick leave


Guaranteeing 7 paid sick days to rail workers would cost the rail industry a grand total of $321 million a year – less than 2% of its profits. Please don't tell me the rail industry can't afford it. Rail companies spent $25.5 billion on stock buybacks and dividends this year.


Senate Minority Leader Mitch #McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday appeared to criticize former President Donald Trump's recent dinner with a #WhiteNationalist, saying that anyone who meets with #antisemites or #WhiteSupremacists is "highly unlikely to ever be elected president of the United States." "There is no room in the Republican Party for antisemitism or white supremacy," McConnell said during his weekly news conference on Capitol Hill.

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