For the record, I said the same thing there. A lot of Twitter holdouts agree.

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Excellent points & clips as usual.
Thanks, @christoaivalis

Trսmp Rаlly Jսst Gοt ЅНUТ DΟWN aftеr NΟ ΟNE SHΟWS UР via @YouTube

The thing about Twitter banning 3rd party clients is: just stop using Twitter.

For the curious, my answer is, no, it is not ethical. Also, here are the prompts that I used:

frightened man in a post-apocalyptic warehouse, cinematic lightning, looking into the camera, detailed face, unreal engine –q 2

write a brief post-apocalyptic radio broadcast from a survivor in a garage

Language, “American English”
Voice, “Davis”
Style, “Sad”

P.S. it took me longer to write the alt text for this video than to create it.

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Fascist Ron DeSantis is demanding universities give him info on the number of transgender students they have

This includes information such as the ages of their students who sought gender dysphoria treatment, including sex reassignment surgery and hormone prescriptions

This will be the Republican nominee for President. Wake up america

“First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

So, I wrote a book and pushed very hard for it to get published, and now it is going to be published. When I was doing this, I had all these dreamy ideas about my name in bookstores and holding that book that I worked so hard on.
Somewhere along the line I forgot that other people would be reading it.
People I don't know. People who don't know me.
The first Netgalley review is up and I AM TERRIFIED. I can't read this. Someone is JUDGING ME. And I asked for it!
Jesus, fuck, what have I done?!

It is truly inexcusable.

Numerous politicians file stock purchases late.

For example, Tommy Tuberville was months late in disclosing nearly 130 separate stock trades from January to May, 2022.

There has been no fine yet, or disciplinary action.

#news #finance #economics #stocks #options

Heatwave hitting hard here where we are. It's intense.

This is all being caused by the average global temp going from 13.9º pre-industrial to 15.2º.

Without drastic emission reduction, what will happen at 15.4º and 15.9º?

Commutes cause this!
Flights cause this!
Fossil fuel grids cause this!
Our consumption causes this!

What is it going to take to slam the brakes on this trajectory?

#climateemergency #heatwave #futureofwork"

"The wife of a jailed Russian opposition leader Aleksei A. #Navalny urges he be given medical treatment.

Yulia Navalny said that her ailing husband, Aleksei Navalny, was being held in a small cell with a sicker person to infect him, and was not allowed to lie down throughout the day despite having a fever.

Her plea came a day after more than 200 Russian doctors, in a rare public display of dissent, sent a petition to #Putin imploring him to “stop abusing” Navalny"

Everyone, this is not a drill! My favorite tea shop in the entire world #FridayAfternoonTea is struggling right now after a particularly challenging year. They are a small family business based in Seattle, so if you are living anywhere in the US maybe consider placing an order? They also ship internationally. And if you happen to be in #Seattle please pay them a visit? Their blends are amazing! @tea

Are these clowns seriously going to go through with an impeachment inquiry on President Biden?


No but seriously question though, is this their master plan to close the border, and deal with “rising” gas prices and inflation?

Asking for all their lemmings that burned a perfectly good vote on them.

If you are on twitter engaging with fascists because you think you can fight them, you are giving them engagement. Be here. Build here. Follow many people or you won’t see content to keep you here

I just, really like it here. I like you people.

@w7voa @oliverdarcy Musk is a nasty piece of work, and decent people need to exit the platform now. Would be nice to see journalists show some solidarity and exit Twitter en masse.

I’ve been listening to Laura Loomer, Chuck Johnson and a bunch of other batshit chaos agents for two hours on Twitter Spaces. 😵‍💫

The one thing about #QElon letting these Nazis back on the platform is you can hear them workshop their psyops and jockey for position in real time. I sure as hell hope the #FBI has paid $8.

#EvacuateTwitter (No seriously you don’t want to be on the same platform as these monsters.)

1) Winter Heat Wave in Europe Sets Records, Forces Ski Resorts to Close Slopes (

2) In China 185 stations broke their heat records for the first ten days of January (

The impacts on food security from the above will arrive shortly.

We MUST act now!

Here is what we can all do next…


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According to research here are the top 5 things, we can do to dramatically reduce emissions starting TODAY.

🚗 Live car-free
🚙 Switch to an electric vehicle
✈️ Fly less - especially long-haul
⚡️ Use renewable electricity
🚋 Shift to public transport

#futureofwork #climateliteracy #carbonemissions #leardership


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Just want to try to spread the message that ELoon reinstated General Mike Flynn to Twitter on the anniversary of #J6

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