Just saw a post on my timeline where someone was asking people to stop posting political content on Mastodon. Thus, I will leave a reminder:

1. Politics = us making decisions about how we live in groups.

2. Refusing to engage in political discourse is equivalent to endorsing the status quo.

3. Staying out of politics because you believe it has no effect on you is a privilege. it also means you decided to forsake people in a situation less privileged than you.

Kanye West just posted a photo of a swastika inside of the Star of David on Twitter. This is abhorrent and dangerous. Shame on anyone who has enabled and supported him on his crusade against the Jewish people. We refuse to be silent in the face of this deplorable anti-Semitism. Never again.

A European regulator yesterday reportedly threatened Elon Musk with a continent-wide ban on Twitter if the company fails to enforce content moderation rules required by the Digital Services Act.

Original tweet : twitter.com/arstechnica/status

It took praising Hitler. There is a line.

Who knew?

House Judiciary Republicans delete 'Kanye. Elon. Trump.' tweet as rapper praises Hitler nbcnews.com/politics/congress/ via @nbcnews@twitter.com

Republicans need to repudiate Kanye West right now.

A few days ago, I asked a self-identified leftist why they're still on Twitter.

Their response: "I shouldn't have to leave Twitter, Elon Musk should!"


That's not how it works.

Elon Musk literally owns Twitter now. It's completely in his private hands. Twitter isn't even trading on the stock market anymore.

Twitter's data centers hosting all your tweets? Elon Musk physically owns them now.

Everything you put on Twitter now -- Elon Musk owns it!

In 1997 Fred Rogers was presented with a lifetime achievement award. He could have said anything in his speech. He chose gratitude and centering everyone else in the room:

“Would you just take along with me ten seconds to think of the people who have helped you become who you are; those who have cared about you and wanted what was best for you in life? Ten seconds of silence. I’ll watch the time.”

Then he did.


#FredRogers #MrRogers #Humble #Inspiration #Speech

THIS IS HUGE: The 11th Circuit has thrown out Aileen Cannon’s decision and has CANCELLED the the special master review of Mar-a-Lago documents. AMAZING!

Musk’s Beloved Twitter Polls Are Bot-Driven Bullsh!t, Ex-Employees Say (Rolling Stone article)

But ARE they? So I did a poll.

The Bots won!
My conclusion?
Bot populi. Bot dei.


Honest question:

Airports are jam packed
Highways are jam packed
Corporate events are buzzing

Fossil fuels are being burnt like there is no tomorrow.

Yet the instruments we have at our disposal are telling us the pictured story.

Why are we carrying on with business as usual like this?

Is it lack of climate literacy?
Is it not believing the physics?
Is it thinking this is not that bad?
Is it saying “well I’m offsetting this?”
Is it thinking it’s someone else’s problem?


Folks, you know the best way to beat all the hate Donald Trump and his MAGAs have brought to our country?
By showin' kindness to our neighbors and spendin' precious time with our loved ones.
Who's down with that?

Hi friends: We are a pro-democracy organization doing everything in our power to defeat fascism in America. We currently have 12K followers on the platform. Help us grow by BOOSTING this post and telling everyone you know to give us a follow!

By following who I want to follow, and that being the "algorithm" of my home feed, I have a really nice mix of things happening. Some art, some poets, some photographers, some funny people, some current events, some historians, some film makers, some doctors, some web developers, some legal scholars. It's honestly so refreshing to have a feed that accurately reflects ALL the things I'm interested in and not JUST what someone else's algorithm wants me to be interested in. #twittermigration

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