I have moved to @henryseg on mathstodon.xyz, a mastodon instance with a clearly superior domain name.

@qonnyr Would be great to get mastodon going, we need an open source alternative social network.

@jack I think it will be in this year's Bridges conference proceedings, not out yet!

Lasercut Mona Lisa, by Ergun Akleman and collaborators at Texas A&M.

@christianp Well, this is a journal, would you expect anything different in terms of the handling of images? /s

@proc_gen god i loved that thing so much when it came out, did terrible things with it.
Cat's weren't meant to be Menger sponges.


My paper with @roice3 featured on the cover of the latest issue of the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts. tandfonline.com/toc/tmaa20/11/

Interesting work by architecture students at Texas A&M. (I'm visiting for a very brief artist residency.)

@jack No... did you have a particular way to visualize it in mind?

Six truncated cubes around each edge. Joint work with Roice Nelson.


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