facebook developer conference is all AR/VR so far

Tried to work with Alexa NLU over our own NLU this past weekend. Pretty bad results. Alexa NLP took over and tried to answer every user question with it's limited knowledgebase of 5 answers vs our thousands. Still trying to revert our code back, but certification won't happen until tomorrow at the earliest :/

Thanks for the boost, @cdevroe :) Doing my best to apply machine learning to the @amazon Alexa platform within their restrictions.

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Fun day in LA yesterday at the Hello, Alexa event! Learned a bunch and gave a demo of "Alexa, Ask Doctor Dex"

@Mastodon is getting people really familiar with using/accepting new TLDs (top-level domains).

Sweeet, my first follow from @peterrojas ! :grin: I've been following you since Gizmodo and was at the GDGT launch party years back in NYC, haha.

"Alexa, ask Doctor Dex" - Hey guys, just got my Amazon Alexa skill accepted. You can ask medical questions and Doctor Dex uses AI/ML to try to answer it. Still a work in progress, but it can answer quite a bit now. amazon.com/DexMD-Ask-me-medica


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