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I was on my phone earlier and someone asked what I was doing and I said “mastodonning” and let me tell you there were some looks.

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I forgot to do an back in April 2017 when I joined.

I'm Heath! By day I'm a / business development consultant. By other times of the day I'm a , , , , and an official representative of .

You may know me from Twitter as where I've been since 2009.

I used to be a fundraising director at a PBS station, and before that I worked at Intel in IT, Sales and Marketing, HR, and a few other areas. Hi!

There are some strange things I'm getting used to with Mastodon.

E.g. if I go to someone's profile (from a different instance) and want to see who they're following, it only show me people from my own instance. Unless I go to a different profile url? But then I can't add followers from that list because I'm on a different URL.

Hopefully these are all things that a good app/ui can hide behind the scenes, because I think most people don't want to care/think about there being different instances.

Creating a new social media platform. It will be called FloopDrop. It will allow you to drop so many floops. Now you may ask, what exactly is a floop? This has yet to be determined. But you can drop them. Our moderation team is led by a "former" CIA agent and a guy who brags about how he inspired a character in American History X. (We do not ask which one.) We already have $400 million in funding and have preemptively filed for bankruptcy.

#Mastoot 1.18 released! 🤩

• Supported post editing
• Added replies indicator
• Fixed a crash in notifications screen
• Fixed a loading issue of link previews

Unfortunately I have to stop actively working on #Metatext for a while due to health issues. I really wish I could implement Mastodon 4 features and squash every bug, but it's not possible for me to do so right now.

I know the app has become important to a lot people, so I'm open to a new maintainer who can carry on its values of privacy and accessibility taking it over if there's interest and a fit. Email if you (or your organization) are interested

How much public space we've surrendered to cars (Swedish artist Karl Jilg)

Someone on the internet told me I could simply choose to be happy and I’m feeling seriously swindled by my therapist right now.

I do not like that site of birds
I do not like its awful words
I do not like what it became
I do not like its cult of shame
I do not like intrusive ads
I do not like the vapid fads
I do not like the clout it’s given
I do not like its algorithm
But I shall miss that weird bird town
I do not like it burning down

Sometimes you don’t realize the perfect timing of a shot until you download it. This shot has no photo edits or color corrections. It was just that perfect moment as I worked on tracking the paragliders to improve my photography.

#paraglider #TorreyPinesGliderport #SanDiego #California #Sunset #perfectMoment #Photography

Why oh why do people post pictures of their little kids on public social media?

It’s always been weird to me that social media calls them “followers,” like, I’m sharing cat gifs not beatitudes.

A #StarTrek series I'd like to see is about the origins of the Borg. Granted, it would be very dark, yet fascinating if written well.

Today is endless movie day. Plus I haven’t been feeling well physically and emotionally so I started with Frozen. Cried my eyes out as usual.

Moved on to Frozen II which is my favourite Disney movie of all time. Cried my eyes out.

Now moving on to Harry Potter and will likely also cry my eyes out at various points depending upon how many we get through today.

Thanksgiving is quite cathartic at times.

Update 07: and it's over. The meal was a success and everyone was completely stuffed.

There are leftovers for days, which is always the best part of Thanksgiving, I think.

And now to do absolutely NOTHING for the remainder of the day. Hooray!

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Update 06: Happy Thanksgiving if you're celebrating... or perhaps it's just happy day where you eat food and talk to friends!

My parents will be heading over in about 2 hours, which means in 1 hour the turkey goes in the oven and I get my shower and work on final house cleaning.

With 3 hours of cooking time for all the fixins' we should be eating around noon eastern time.

Wishing everyone a great day!

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There is an opportunity for commercial activities on Mastodon, but it requires a different way of thinking. Given the distributed nature of the platform, forcing ads on users won’t work (if a server was pushing ads, users would simply leave). However, anyone could run a server where commercial entities could toot their wares. There are some brands I would willingly follow for tech insights, discounts & product announcements. How refreshing to get this info only because I chose to follow it

In 1959, police were called to a segregated library when a Black 9-year-old boy trying to check out books refused to leave, after being told the library was not for Black people.

The boy, Ronald McNair, went on to became an astronaut. The library is also now named after him

I will never not run sudo apt update at least 4 times a day.

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