An import shop is very similar to a news page that introduce the foreign incidents translated in Japanese. Both of those includes arbitrariness. However, the arbitrariness is easy to avoid on the current situations because we can get the information directly.

It is important for Hong Kong protesters to know when to stop protest and demonstration because people's protest tend to give rise to violence and radicalization.

For example, Japanese college students demonstrated against their government in the 1960's. But some student sects radicalized and to be an awful terrorists like a Japanese Red Army.

I would like to know what is the achievement in this protest. All you HK protesters should visualize that. Otherwise, it will be a tragic incident.

The concept of quality is always difficult, and if I think this, I'm confused. I think the products which achieve no error and large amount of quantity are fulfilled in the industrial sorts of quality.

I know it is early, but do have a good Christmas and New Year.

Hi there!

Thank you for putting up with my clumsy English.

Looking back my school days, English was always a tough subject for me.

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Bill Gates named his company after his penis, very gross but also might be a lowkey power move?

I hear England is a very foggy and cold.



NYTは読めるけれども、米紙ならboston globe派かもしれない


I am interested in the Norfolk Jacket and Tweed Trousers because here is a rural suburbs. So I am ordering those items in England. Wearing MADE IN ENGLAND is my pleasure.

Good afternoon. It's lovely weather today.


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