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There will be a time where has tho most user in the fediverse πŸ˜‚

Tusky 1.1.2 is now out on google play!
It primarily addresses crashes and login errors, but there's a few small additions. Also a french translation was added and updated german translation.

@hanung665 There's also the consistency tests: do the claims not contradict one another, and relate in a logical fashion. You might consider this a /rational/ test of truth. It's useful, but incomplete. Often it's all we have to go on, though, and it can be leveraged in useful ways.

@hanung665 Wikipedia's Criteria of Truth page lists various tests, some better than others.
"[T[here seem to be only three functional, effective tests of truth[:] correspondence, coherence and pragmatic."

"Pragmatic" is "is the knowledge useful in application?"
"Correspondence" is "does the knowledge correspond with that it describes?"
"Coherence" is "are all pertinent facts arranged in a consistent and cohesive fashion as an integrated whole?"

@hanung665 You'd have to get out-of-band verification, or a specific denial.

There was a profile claiming to be a co-founder of Mastodon yesterday. It looked and smelled funny, I did some investigation. Eventually Gargron made a statement that there was no such thing.

The account's toots started disappearing, and someone claimed that it had been stolen from him (or copied, not sure which).

It becomes a test of truth -- consistency and correspondence are strong tip-offs.

See: Epistemology.

@TheAdmin Is there any way to know that mastodon instance X is federated with mastodon instance Y?

πŸŽ₯ β€œHow to be Selfish” β€” School of Life β€”

▢️ We are used to thinking very badly of selfishness. But knowing how – at points – to put ourselves first can be the precondition for our later generosity and true helpfulness to others. Being selfish has a role to play in later selflessness.

Q: Does Federation -- different sites and even networks interconnecting -- mean that there might be the same username in different places?

A: Yes. It's a lot like email in that regard. "rosa.martinez" might exist on, say, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, but be three separate people. Or two the same and one different. You've got to check.


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@hanung665 Though you've got a good point on best practices and good administration. I see that happening through rolling more of that into the setup and administration, and cross-Instance checks and audits of practices and procedures. We've got that already with HTTPS rating, other metrics may well be added. Inter-system audits could be a Federation service.

@hanung665 Why?

Instances /are not businesses/. They don't have to meet costs, but satisfy the interests of the administrator. Monthly operations for a 1,000 user instance is about $50 ($0.05/user), and may fall as technology costs fall and capabilities improve (excepting the Jevons paradox).

An individual, group, or organisation running Mastodon for its own interests need only be concerned that the overall benefits exceed the costs.

@cdevroe @danie10 how do you get that cool green tick next your username?

There will be survival of the fittest mastodon instance. Only instance with well maintain, strong resource, and good administration will be survive :grinning:

@hanung665 the instance itself can also get banned by admins, but yes they could create more

@hanung665 But they can get defederated by other instances if they do so

@hanung665 Yes, but instances that do not wish to be exposed to such things can choose not to federate with them.

@hanung665 But the federated feed isn't universal. Not all instances are connected to each other, and instances can blacklist other instances.

Federation is a pro of mastodon, but also a con since any fundamentalist, racist, pedophile, etc can make their own instance.

Mstodon mobile app clients:
Amaroq (IOS)
Tusky (Android 7.0++)
Tooty Fruity (Android)

@hanung665 Fediverse is larger than mastodon, no?

From what I understand it includes all OStatus federations and such.

Federate timeline = timeline of global connected instances with our current instance

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[Notice Regarding the Transfer of the / Services] We have received several inquiries showing interest in a transfer following the announcement of the end of the and services. As a result of subsequently evaluating the situation and making preparations, we have decided that the corresponding services will be transferred to Sujitech, LLC. on June 30. Thank you.