There will be survival of the fittest mastodon instance. Only instance with well maintain, strong resource, and good administration will be survive :grinning:

@hanung665 Why?

Instances /are not businesses/. They don't have to meet costs, but satisfy the interests of the administrator. Monthly operations for a 1,000 user instance is about $50 ($0.05/user), and may fall as technology costs fall and capabilities improve (excepting the Jevons paradox).

An individual, group, or organisation running Mastodon for its own interests need only be concerned that the overall benefits exceed the costs.

@hanung665 Though you've got a good point on best practices and good administration. I see that happening through rolling more of that into the setup and administration, and cross-Instance checks and audits of practices and procedures. We've got that already with HTTPS rating, other metrics may well be added. Inter-system audits could be a Federation service.

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