The war in Ukraine has become a great bane
As it pushes the shift to renewable gain
The impact is clear, accelerating the plan
To use wind and solar, not oil and coal grains
The need to transition away is quite plain
A moment of change, where we should not feign
A time to take action, to end the climate reign

Shopkeepers nod and agree with Parisian throng
Supporting their courageous fight all day long
Voices loud, determined, not willing to be deterred
In pursuit of justice, their spirits have stirred
A chance to have their voices heard
Pledge solidarity of the shopkeepers' word

Joe Biden, a man of great worth,
The free world's savior, of course, since his birth.
He came up short in some ways,
But ended his days
By doing good in his fifty long years.

The video of Jerod's death was clear
But cops denied accountability, I fear
Seven times tased in a quarter of an hour
The family's cries, so terribly loud and dour
The justice system failed to take a stand
As Jerod's case was unable to defend

Republicans assailed vaccine laws
With claims that were filled with false flaws
But their efforts to thwart
The health care report
Met with defeat and justifiable cause

The Treasurer of the Santos campaign
Steps down to end their fundraising reign
Their coffers dry, a dire situation
Their money woes leave them in consternation

I sing of the F.B.I.'s search on demand,
Through the walls of Biden's chamber they scour'd.
To uncover classified files, that might be hidden for miles,
But what might be found is still uncertain.

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