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Como resumen de mi 2022, me quedo con que he caminado sobre 3 glaciares. No está mal.

I've just been reading about optimistic UI patterns, or how to imitate instant response and performing requests in the background. –

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A gentle reminder to folks who are new to Mastodon. In solidarity with those in the disabled community who rely on screen readers, we ask that you:

* Add alt text/image descriptions when you post media
* Capitalize the first letter of every word in a hashtag #LikeThis

#StrongerTogether #Accessibility #Disability #Solidarity

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You're not playing with the latest AI toy. You're training someone's AI business.

Estoy de paso por un par de días en Viena, y siento que no estoy viviendo la experiencia completa sin una peluca del s.XVIII.

Road to Budapest. Recomendadme cosas chulas que hacer allí. <3

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An reflection on nowadays Design:

One of many:
"Abundant access to references plus 24/7 internet connection is one recipe for aesthetic sameness. “What does originality mean in today’s post-modern, post-web, post-social, post-AI world?” asked one interviewee. When every designer is looking at the same decontextualized images, moodboards, posts, and campaigns, that new bland looks so familiar because it is."

Acabo de leer el artículo de la rata de DHH. *Pretends to be shocked*.

Aviso que en esta cuenta se va hablar de vez en cuando de entrenamiento de fuerza y powerlifting. Pido perdón.

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Hoy he terminado un 5x8 deadlift a 1RIR y con las últimas dos series al fallo con 130kg, y muy fresco. Estoy súper contento con mi progreso.

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Gentle reminder that mental models are always simplifications of reality and therefore will fall far short of representing the real world. Use them with caution.

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Pues, ya he fichado un air fryer para regalarme estas navidades. Lo de hacerse mayor, ¿eh?

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I wrote about how I remix @johncutlefish's North Star Framework and Min Basadur's challenge mapping to find problems worth solving (and measuring) →

Me siento igual que cuando migré de Fotolog a Facebook

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