Psyched that my record player came in today. It was an amazing gift from my awesome wife!

Reading about P VS NP makes me feel embarrassed about how poor my understanding of Comp Sci theory is. I usually understand the implications and uses of the theories, but how they actually work tends to fly over my head 😕

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web surfing has become all but impossible. nothing links anymore, it's all narcissistic inside linking if anything. i used to surf links across the network, stumbling from one thing to the next, surprises and missteps. now it's all search hubs and feeds rather than networks.

what we use now via the http protocol isn't really the web anymore. there's no web here. it's all silos, standing alone and trying desperately to keep me from leaving. no longer a digital ocean, now small tide pools with no path between, left in the receding wake of the surf.

But like, have you ever seen a coloring book that DOESN'T say jumbo?

Documentation is so important, including low level documentation. What could have taken me 30 minutes with proper docs took 40 hours instead. I had to pour through pages of docs scattered across the site and I had to use trial and error to figure out the nuances of the method calls. They didn't even bother to document which parameters were required and which were optional 😒

My brother in law told a horribly sexist and demeaning joke about women today. I responded in a deadpan voice "oh, it's funny because it says women are stupid". Everyone kind of awkwardly looked around unsure of what to say or do, until he grumbled and moved on.
He didn't tell any more jokes after that.

We have to stand up to assholes. Make them feel uncomfortable so they keep that shit to themselves.

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This shouldn't need to be said, but it does.

You should never "surprise" a child with an adoption. It doesn't matter how long they have lived with you, or how much you think they want it. They NEED to be a part of that conversation. They need to have a voice and it shouldn't feel forced on them.

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bugs are just a failure to imagine what else could be accepted

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