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Twitter may have the Trump takes, but here is something that Twitter does not have: wound cube

@kejt Hey, how are you? How's gym routine going? 🙂 You won't give it up next week, right? 😋 I need somebody to inspire me! 😁

Good things today. I've gone back to the gym and hopefully today was the first day without smoking a cigarette for long years to come.

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Thanks as ever, Toshiba Europe support website, for being your usual quirky self

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Good morning people of planet earth. It’s Thursday so don’t get hit by lightning!

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Started using NewPipe for YouTube (it's a YouTube front-end app) and I must say, it's working pretty OK on Android 8.1. The only annoying thing is, videos from subscribed channels are not in chronological order, but other than this, I'm content with the app.

I used to use SkyTube before, but NewPipe provides more features (video playback resolution selection for example).

👍 Can recommend.

F-Droid link:

I found this box of matchsticks with this hipster raccoon head on it in my local grocery store. Damn, does it look cool! 😎

Travelling through Slovakia, it makes me wonder, why are there so many nábytok (furniture) stores?

It's 9:00 as my bus is pulling out of the bus station. I'm on my way home.

The stay with my parents was pretty good. 🙂 It could've been slightly longer though.

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When you're browsing on Firefox and you accident open in a new window instead of a new tab.

To the ones who celebrate Christmas/Yule on the Fediverse: Herry Christmas, Happy Yule!

To the ones who don't: Have pleasant holidays!

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Can we just take a second to appreciate taking a second to appreciate things?

I'm working myself through various synthwave/chillwave mixes on YouTube, and I've come across 2 pretty good ones so far:

Space Trip II:
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