People using React actually look at Facebook and see excellent front end development?

The #malvertising campaigns via Google Ads are not just about software downloads and scams. They also include phishing for popular password managers such as 1Password.

The differences are so subtle, most people will fall for it.

Real URL:
Phishing URL:

Hey YouTubers please remove the mic from the frame or even better use a lavalier πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

The React ecosystem is great if what you sell is online courses and YouTube video views

🚨 Apollo Weather for Athletes is on 🚨

Please consider supporting my launch in any way you can πŸ™

How can you help?
- Visit the Product Hunt page ⬆️
- Repost πŸ”
- Download, rate and review β­οΈπŸ˜€

Check out this great weather app designed for ATHLETES from my friend Axel. While at it give him an upvote on PH. Congrats Axel πŸŽ‰

ΒΏCuΓ‘l es el secreto del Γ©xito?
Motomami de fondo en loop todo el dΓ­a.

Ivory by Tapbots is launching today.

This app marks the beginning of a new era for Mastodon clients on Apple platforms. It raises the bar in this category, but there’s still work to be done.

I reviewed Tweetbot 1.0 on MacStories in 2011; 12 years later, here is my review of Ivory 1.0:

Ivory for Mastodon Review: Tapbots Reborn

Don’t want to write boilerplate? Use a framework. Don’t want to use a framework? Write boilerplate. πŸ‘»

β€œFirst, arrogant bastards love seeing their names on tweets and other media. I want to starve him of the things that money can’t buy: respect and attention. Do the same by simply ignoring him and his kingdom.”

My touchbar now flashes πŸ“Έ a bright white light for a few minutes every time I wake up my laptop

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