Lots of people saying to delete twitter DMs but presumably if the other recipient(s) don't it's a waste of time?

@gbxyz tweets (statuses) exist only once (plus the additional Musk and NSA copies), and when it’s deleted it’s gone (contrary to here, btw).

I have always assumed DMs are alike.

I’ll send you a Twitter DM and you then delete it, please.

@jpmens deleted, but twitter says that "Other people in the conversation will still be able to see it"

@gbxyz I responded on Twitter also. Old conversations have disappeared that we had, the deleted 001 and your message I salty

@gbxyz Sorry I lied: old conversations are still there

Self harm 

@jpmens OK so deleting DMs seems like it's a waste of time unless it's a mutual suicide pact

Self harm 

@gbxyz it would indeed appear as though we all have copies of the DMs, yes. So as soon as you’ve convinced everybody else in your network to delete their DM‘s I will follow suit. ;-)

re: Self harm 

@jpmens @gbxyz I have just mass-spammed people with an explanation and a request to delete it from their side as well. Got a lot of "sure thing, done!" replies and a few "should I be worried?"

Won't take care of everything, but for me the partial solution was better than keeping everything.

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