Nest, I *think* this is the world's first domain name with #Braille characters


If I'm wrong, please let me know.

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The Turing Test poisoned the minds of generations of AI enthusiasts, because its criteria is producing text that persuades observers it was written by a human.

The result? Generative AI text products designed to "appear real" rather than produce accurate or ethical outputs.

It *should* be obvious why it's problematic to create a piece of software that excels at persuasion without concern for accuracy, honesty or ethics. But apparently it's not.

This is fucking magic: I asked "Describe the Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm in the style of Dr Seuss". This is what I got back.

I will believe in AGI when a chatbot demonstrates a sense of humour.

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Me: why did the chicken cross the road?

OpenAI: The chicken likely crossed the road for a variety of reasons. It may have been trying to get to the other side of the road, or it may have been looking for food. Chickens are known to cross roads in search of food or to explore their surroundings, so it is possible that the chicken in question was simply following its instincts.

The fediverse doesn鈥檛 need to win over anything else. It does not need to challenge, threaten, or dominate any other community or service. All it needs to do is serve its existing members and be a good place for new people to join. Becoming a safer space is much more likely to contribute to its longevity than 鈥榳inning鈥 mass adoption from ex-Twitter users in the short term.

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JSON Hero is a nice way to view JSON data and works really nicely for RDAP

The Battle of Bamber Bridge is a great story and the "The Rest is " podcast does a great job of telling it. I've always wondered why it's never been made into a movie

Thanks to @ravirockks for pointing out that iOS *does* let you save as PDF - it's just buried under the UI

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@gbxyz Fun! I am considering Tailscale's Taildrop in a script for similar automation between Android and MacOS - the benefit over AirDrop: it will work globally if your Mac doesn't travel with you.

One of my pet peeves is that iOS doesn't provide a "print to PDF" function, like macOS does. So I'm wondering whether I can through together a simple PDF converter with an IPP interface which can then share back the resulting PDF file via Airdrop...

There's a claim going around that Mastodon is "centralizing around a few instances" because 1% of instances account for 84% of users.

That's misleading. 1% of instances is ~360. That's a lot more than I expected! Impressively decentralized.

Measuring centralization as a % doesn't make sense. Hypothetically, if 100K new people each started their own instance, centralization as measured by this stat would greatly *increase*, even though that's not what actually happened.

Triangular USB connectors were soon abandoned after some users complained of needing to rotate them up to six times before successful insertion.

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