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why is it called a dating app and not a single sign-on

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Starting my week with one of those civic tech moments where a seemingly small thing that took a lot of work got done and I wish you all a fantastic week.

Reminder that you can always figure out what kind of glue you need with one handy link:

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“…while it takes a $1,000 subsidy to raise zero-emission vehicle demand by 2.6%, it only takes about $100 to do the same for e-bikes.”

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I grew up in this district when John Kline was the rep. If you'd told me we'd have a rep like Angie Craig in 20 years time, I'd have laughed you out of the room.

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The building where my office is has been constructing an elevator for the last year or so and the main thing I’ve learned is that elevator retrofits are a lot of fucking work

Hello new WordPress theme. Kubrick2 which has full site editing capabilities I'll probably mess with some day

I get that people like the Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit but, like, it's designed to exist in a specific space. Of course it can't move to an entirely new one with perfect fidelity.

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Absolutely jaw-dropping. I know these numbers; I follow the data (and feel increasingly alone in doing so). And even so, I just sat in silence for a minute trying to even contemplate what we would have said to ourselves about a virus that would wipe out 1.09 million Americans in the space of a couple of years.

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Technology Transformation Service - Product Management Supervisor (GS 15, Supervisory)

TTS (the digital services division of the General Services Administration) is hiring a Product Management Supervisor to oversee delivery of their various service offerings. This is a fantastic team, highly recommended!

closes: 2023-01-17

Added a network connectivity check to my Pi-hole’s pitft display because my new office mate has colorblindness and can’t differentiate amber from green on the wireless router. A little Friday a11y project

Love to end my week digesting a good OIG report.

What's really incredible is how much stronger Isbell's voice and playing is after he got sober.

Decoration Day really holds up as a record.

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"Natives in Tech" - a group of "Indigenous Developers" asks the Apache Software Foundation to change its name out of respect for the native people. I fully agree to this proposal although I am also a member of the ASF. You can read and sign it here:

Boost if you agree, I can think this petition will need some visibility.

#asf #native #apache #software #opensource

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