One one hand it's convenient that "Unix won" (and even Windows gets Unixier by the day). On the other hand it's pretty sad that OS design (as far as user-visible components go) has gotten stuck in a local maximum.

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> webdev professional
> teaches advanced stuff to students
> personal website is a single page of basic HTML

Can someone plz plz make something rly accessible that fulfills the needs Facebook Events fill w/o the attachment to Facebook so everyone will stop exclusively promoting events via Facebook

Honest question: do people still care about albums these days (let me finish!) as a stand-alone piece of art or have things shifted decisively towards albums as supporting pieces for larger art projects?

Just look at recent projects from:
Oneohtrix Point Never
Kendrick Lamar
Maylee Todd

I guess this is the kind of question a 40-something Gen-X'er would ask, since that's exactly what I am. 🤔

If I know one thing about the next app I'm building is that it WON'T have a stories feature.

I just found out Kotlin can be used without an IDE (for realsies, unlike Java, Scala and other JVM languages). Now I'm interested.

If you've read any of the "MP3 is dead" articles, you need to know that's absolutely not true.

Here's what actually happened: the patent for the MP3 format has expired, and this is a GOOD THING. Now EVERYONE can use the format without paying royalties to Fraunhoffer - including you, if you're programmer.

In other words, it's actually the opposite: MP3 is supported everywhere and is now completely royalty free and open source.

More info:

Here's my current Linux desktop (Gnome) for comparison. Flat icons all the way. Consistent colors and font sizes. Much more professional than the current Windows look, yet made mostly by enthusiasts. Go figure.

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Microsoft can talk all they want about design, but I won't respect them until they fix this UI inconsistency bullshit right here.

It's not only the window styles, but also icons, fonts and everything else. They have never fully committed to the flat look.

Seriously, when Linux has multiple desktop UIs more consistent than yours, you have a HUGE problem.

The only downside is there's no official VST plugin support from commercial developers (yet?). On the other hand there are plenty of exellent free plugins, and Bitwig's built-in effects and instruments are good enough. I never use heavy plugins on stage anyway (you're asking for a crash if you do), so I think I can live with it. Let's see how it goes.

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Bitwig is running mighty fine on Linux so I'm seriously considering using it instead of Ableton to play on stage. I always need to adapt my tracks for live situations anyway, so it's not a lot of additional work. Also:

1) My mac is old and heavy.
2) My everyday laptop is a very decent and light PC.
3) I really tried, but Windows still kinda sucks for audio.
4) Audio on Linux is surprisingly stable, performant and flexible, if you don't mind spending some time getting it to work.

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