Arrgh!'s cross-poster only appends one URL as a hyperlink. FutureLearn 's learning platform is at

Just finished the University of York’s free “From Crime to Punishment” course on the FutureLearn platform. It’s a good overview of UK criminal justice and how it is evolving. I’ve worked with UK courts for some years but learned a lot.

The Carers Trust are doing a survey in the UK about adults who provide unpaid care to family or friends. They will use the results in a future campaign to support unpaid carers. They particularly need more male carers to take part.

Wow! Marcus Rashford’s petition asking the UK Government to end child food poverty has reached a quarter of a million signatures in just a couple of days.

Demand for food banks this winter is predicted to be 61% higher than last. 10% of UK kids have experienced food insecurity. If you live in the UK, please support Marcus Rashford’s petition to expand access to free school meals & provide support through holidays. Thanks!

Escaped to Yorkshire for a few days of R'n'R and Graduation ceremonies and just outside where we are staying I nearly stepped on this little fellow.

It's a Leopard Moth, apparently common down in the South, though I've never seen one before. But this is just about the limit of their range North.

Another picture of the Leadenhall Building (Cheese Grater), this time from the North side.

There was a lovely quality to the light as I crossed London Bridge at twilight last night.

Had an unusual visitor to our front garden in suburban London today - a female pheasant. It spent the whole day pottering around the bushes. Seemed remarkably tame.

Local shopping street covered in purple ribbons in memory of Jodie Chesney who was murdered in cold blood in a playground a couple of miles from here. She was a scout and her Dad described her as a "proud geek".

My Fitbit awarded me the lighthouse badge on the basis that I'd climbed 50 flights of stairs today. A remarkable feat given I had open heart surgery ten months ago.

Disappointingly the Fitbit measures stair climbing by the air pressure change (which is pretty amazing) and there had been wind gusts of around 42 MPH when I was climbing the three flights of outside stairs that I actually fought my way up today.

(Although note that the above is a follow up to a 2017 post that found that vim users had better interview performance than emacs users—though, again, both performed far above average.

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So, Dawn returned from shopping with a range of cleaning products. They have brightened up the house before we even start using them.

Our daughter, RacheyVonGrimm@birdsite, is a Risographer who has worked on a number of Morag's rather larger projects.

The Whitgift Centre in Croydon have just installed some new digital advertising panels.

Unit Tests - PASSED

Integration Tests - Not so much...

This Fibonacci joke is as bad as the last two Fibonacci jokes you heard combined

Weekly progress report. Rear gearbox and motor built and attached and the whole thing is now in one piece and fully tested. Just cosmetic bits like the driver's cab and panelling to be completed, but now the mechanics are all working I'm beginning to lose enthusiasm. Meanwhile plans for an even larger model start to be laid... (but don't tell Dawn!)

Perhaps Dawn is getting slightly more miffed about having a bucket wheel excavator in the middle of the dining room table than I realised. This evening I got home to find there was Pane all'aglio incenerito con cavoletti di Bruxelles awaiting my dining pleasure.

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