Hey friends, I switched my mastodon account to @freshmango

If you like, you can follow the new account and unfollow me here. 😘

@rauberdaniel @MadeMyDay @9zehn81 @gglnx @SVN_SCHMCHR@mastodon.social @fabianmichael @netzintelligenz @bastianallgeier @marcus @Markus306 @niclash @nocksock @flrnz @dantz @dennisreimann @raphaelokon@mastodon.social @matthiasott @marcozehe @yatil@micro.yatil.net @laura @helloanselm @Flocke

@marcozehe I could only see other people’s followers if they were in the same instance as I.

@marcozehe And because the majority is using mastodon.social I switched there too.

@freshmango OK! Well, I'm staying put here, because this account is starting to be established. ;) And I like to be the exception sometimes. ;)

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