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My name is Chris, a Design leader out of Denver, CO, U.S. I usually go by the handles "freitag" or "chrisfreitag" or "creativefriday" on other platforms.

While I love my career it's not the only thing I talk about.

It’s always a troubling sign when an ‘operations-focused’ manager is put in charge of a design department. Granted Apple is founded on a very high level of respect for Industrial Design—hopefully this doesn’t usher in a new troublesome era of ‘budget-focused creativity there.

Quoting @markgurman:

This feels like the beginning of the end. Xcel Energy eagerly posted their record-breaking quarterly profits. A utility company people need is driven by the same forces that drive consumer goods. Difference being there are no free-market alternatives. We are screwed.

If you say resource management one more time I’m gonna run through one of your tripwires.

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I am in the 1%…

…of people at Denver International Airport wearing a mask.

Leaving my family in the frigid temperatures of Colorado this week while I travel to Southern California for work. I feel guilty! (Sort of)

New #YouTube video: The #Fujifilm X-T5

Why I upgraded. Or why I chose to upgrade. Or why I could justify this big expense to myself. Or why I told myself whatever lies I needed to so I could just go trade in my X-T4 and get my hands on this thing. 😂

It wasn’t Cyberdyne Systems that caused the end of the world, it was Wall Street.

I can’t believe how barren downtown #Denver is these days. This was taken at 8:10am on this Friday morning. Not a holiday, not bad weather. I worked in that building on a contract in 2016 and this intersection was *bustling* with people.

I blocked the account but what are they up to? Why mass private message a giant list of accounts?

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Just got private mentioned with hundreds of other accounts by an unknown account. What’s the end game?

I wrote about @ivory in my latest newsletter. Check it out and consider subscribing if you haven’t already! 🐘

Reeder for and is a fine app for reading RSS feeds, but it's not built for discovery. How do you find new subscriptions?

Here’s a tip for all you #Ivory users:

You can drag the compose button to ANY corner! That’s right. Just tap, hold, drag.

For lefties like myself, having it on the left side makes all the difference.


My wishlist for to improve the hardware of the
1. Admit you were wrong with the default portrait orientation. The use-cases for portrait mode are few and very specific. Put the camera where it belongs.
2. Kill the back camera bump. A device designed to lay flat and draw on should not have protrusions.
3. Add a 2nd USB-C port

Now my software wishlist for ? That list will not fit in microblog form.

saw this banner outside of a Wendy's and it reminded of a motivational sign you'd probably see at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park alongside all the unlimited cereal decanters


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