I've been hate-watching for 3 years and NOW they decide to finally get interesting?!

I spent a solid chunk of my Memorial Day weekend working on this review of the Sgt. Pepper Deluxe Edition. Hope you'll read and enjoy!


Hi, tell me a fun fact right now to distract me from birdsite

Is there any instance with a Federated feed that is actually legible?

Somebody sitting somewhere near me at work has a bagel and I can SMELL IT.

Good morning, fediverse! How are you this fine day?

We talked about Mastodon on the latest episode of the Marketers Next Door! Give us a listen and tell me what you think.

Web: bit.ly/MNDten
iTunes: bit.ly/MNDiTunes

♻There is nothing like having your phone stolen to make you feel like an idiot for buying smart light bulbs

Oooo, looks like we might have a winner. At least here on Mastodon.cloud, the optimal image dimensions seem to be multiples of 244 x 110.

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