@lynnesbian@deadinsi.de this is a comic I like about technology

@fragamacrunch @lynnesbian I like this comic because it's been so decontextualized that it looks like Paul is being a truth teller but in reality he's just a irony bro shitting on people for having a life when he doesn't.

@_ampersand @lynnesbian@deadinsi.de but it’s both, isn’t it? Paul is applying truth unfairly to lash out at his friends.

This is going to sound sarcastic, but I mean it genuinely: I am very interested in your takes on PfSC, I don’t meet many people with thoughts on it

@fragamacrunch I'm a little dubious about any of my own takes, because I'm working from near decade memories because RIP. I used to identify with Paul, but now he seems Cartman-esque, like he is the ectoplasmal embodiment of being a boring party pooper. If I were being kind, I'd say he's a Ligotti figure, unable to enjoy things and that making everything around him absurd. But that seems unreasonably overcharitable: he's just miserable and is mad that not everyone else is as miserable as him.


@_ampersand I’m the same way, can’t really go back and reread them.

You’re probably right, I think. Paul thinks he’s a bold truth teller, but he’s really just bitter. I remember rooting for him, hoping he finally finds something to really satisfy him, but between between his own attitude and the crappy world he lives(?) in, you know you can’t expect much. I like your comparison to a Ligotti character.

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