Mystery Men was the first motion picture to include Smash Mouth's "All Star" on the soundtrack, yet Mystery Men receives no recognition for this

it's even the basis for and edited into the music video

mystery men is a better superhero movie than anything in theaters or on the CW because it's a bunch of dubiously-powered working shlubs in way over their head but willing to work together and do what needs to be done

also Captain Amazing is liberals because he's about the Process and engaging with rivals is theater when his opponent is someone who actually has objectives he wants to achieve

also iirc it's one of the first movies with an interracial couple that isn't about interracial couples

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Today is the anniversary of Maria making landfall in Puerto Rico, a disaster that killed more people than 9/11, the vast majority of which were preventable.

remember everyone, the power to post is a power of which the ancients could not have even dreamed. post wisely. post responsibly. post with God.

stem majors: dumb losers, think ethical capitalism exist, are convinced elon musk is a genius
liberal art majors: dumb loser, dont care about politics they just want to make "art", are convinced david foster wallace was the smartest man alive
me, with an unfinished english degree: genius, socialist, knows that the smartest man ever is yang wen li

Never felt more like a dad than when the box of various wires i was forced to throw away suddenly became useful

I enter bullet-time as I approach the urinal. No one can stop me now

People are mad at Boomers but polling shows Gen X is only a few percentage points less reactionary

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