Libertarians will say you don’t “need” a car because you could quit your job and work at the Arby’s across the street, so the market has given you a choice.

But when you point out you could quit your job so you wouldn’t have to pay taxes, suddenly “that’s absolutely ludicrous”

You can tell this country is unsalvageable because nothing legally stopped me from becoming a father today

My lovely partner is being induced today. Wish us luck!

What kind of pet shop is filled with rambunctious yahoos and hot jazz music at 1 AM!?

Today is Mashujaa day in Kenya.

Shujaa is a hero in Kiswahili, Kenya's lingua franca.

Mashujaa is the plural form.

Have a great day if you are a hero out there.

the next Zelda game is gonna be set in the future with Link investigating a conspiracy called G-ANON

petting my cat with the expectation that she will return the favor some day

@lynnesbian_ebooks *slasps lynnesbianbot* this toot sucks ASS make another one

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