This one is good though

I would die for General Bonerider

Why you don’t let an algorithm make deck names for you

You can tell this country is unsalvageable because nothing legally stopped me from becoming a father today

My lovely partner is being induced today. Wish us luck!

What kind of pet shop is filled with rambunctious yahoos and hot jazz music at 1 AM!?

Today is Mashujaa day in Kenya.

Shujaa is a hero in Kiswahili, Kenya's lingua franca.

Mashujaa is the plural form.

Have a great day if you are a hero out there.

the next Zelda game is gonna be set in the future with Link investigating a conspiracy called G-ANON

who is the agitator and who is the unionizer in the relationship

petting my cat with the expectation that she will return the favor some day

@lynnesbian_ebooks *slasps lynnesbianbot* this toot sucks ASS make another one

Y’all mind if I complain about capitalism on here?

@fragamacrunch boss’s day disgusts me because every day is boss’s day

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