Got zfs going on ubuntu 17.04, looks like I needed to install zfsutils-linux not zfs this time around. Great help on the ubuntu irc channel.

trying out Ubuntu Gnome 17.04.
Get "E: Package 'zfs' has no installation candidate"
when trying to install zfs? Anyone else get this?

Anyone using proton mail? What are your impressions?

I wonder if there is a correlation between the public's affinity for magical realism and the lost of interest in fact and truth?

Today's Library work:
Create SQL script βœ“
Withdraw Book βœ“
Update virtualenv for zfs backup script βœ“
Check chemical level in boiler βœ“
Grab masonry bit and hang sign βœ“
Order Books βœ“

I find tooting a little funny because it is the nomenclature we've chosen to refer to flatulence when speaking with our toddler.

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