"the developer hired to build the center’s website incorporated AddThis’s social sharing tool, and Sniffen was unaware of the implications. As a result, his site was loading trackers from 10 online advertising companies without his knowledge." themarkup.org/blacklight/2020/

Bull in a china shop should be replaced with bully in a debate! 🍊

Humanity is full of cool features but does it scale? πŸ€”

Returning/passing maps gives you more options in the future!? πŸ€”

karimarttila.fi/well-being/202 "The most important reason why stress is so common in IT industry is haste and tight schedules, which make people feel that they are constantly hunted by a pack of lions"

In other news: Re-frame (re-posh) + datascript + clojure.spec is super cool!

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