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growing up me and my friends wanted to start a torrent tracker called "the seeders of lebanon"

Made my own validation logic in biff. It sucks, so I had the chance to learn something about malli-opts and just use what was there from the very beginning.

anyway long story short the fact that I grew up bilingual probably wired my brain to be receptive to compiler theory in a way that would not have happened had I grown up monolingual. and this is why diversity matters in tech thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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I laughed at this more than I prob should’ve. 🤣

Email is one of the greatest feats of the internet. I will die on this hill.

And apparently, spam is what kills me.

has a rails *. It's called biff ** and it's really good for beginners ***.

* not really
*** tested for you

It's called the Metaverse because it has mostly been Met with Averse reactions

🤯 Genius is about making things simple.
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The entire implementation of ClojureScript postwalk and prewalk. Mind blown.

#Clojure Full Stack Clojure App - clojure/script + deps.edn + shadow-cljs + Helix + Tailwind |

#Clojure Simple 3D Demo: ClojureScript + PlayCanvas + Odoyle Rules |

Hot take: I like web apps; my browser affords me guarantees across the field of privacy, resource usage, extensibility, boundaries which native apps do NOT.


I made something! is a playground for making art using lisp and math. It's very much unfinished and pretty rough around the edges, but if you're into signed distance functions you should check it out!


"That error meant that, 31 times, rather than generating a cryptographic signature of a picture of a monkey, the company unknowingly generated a cryptographic signature of the error message “429 Too Many Requests”."

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