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The best thing I’ve learned this week is that when squirrels fall/jump - they land like superheroes!

The first #ActivityPubInClojure went well I think. We talked JSON-LD, RDF, and looked at how to convert back and forth to idiomatic Clojure data.

Hoping to stream again around the same time on Sunday.


Because I was a bit annoyed while I tried to bend some seqs to my will I added Clerk to my Biff project. How nice! Minimal fuss and a namespace to try stuff out and look at lovely data shapes.

"MineCity 2000 is a program that converts SimCity 2000 cities into Minecraft (Java Edition) worlds"

A new `cljs.core/Throwable->map` has landed in ClojureScript, intended to be consistent with `clojure.core/Throwable->map`

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Cast your votes for long-term funding 🗳 All current Clojurists Together members should have a ballot with their voting link. Get in touch if you haven't received it!

OH: "Nobody has spent more on a dead bird this Thanksgiving than Elon Musk."

In Duck Hunt the NES Zapper worked by blacking out screen & drawing white blocks around targets when you fire, for a couple frames. The diode in the Zapper detects the change in light intensity and tells the computer if it’s pointed at a lit target. #gamedev #retrogaming

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To Dos:
- Hammock time and think about ...
- ... how to create a XTDB query (Datalog) programmatically

This website is amazing, linear algebra with interactive examples. Vectors, matrix, dot product, etc, cool resource for learning. #GameDev #Math

Precedents like the German government running a Mastodon server are important beyond the obvious reasons. They reinforce the urgency of serious public funding for open code.

If we treated open code as part of the essential infrastructure of the 21st century and funded it at billions of USD/EUR as opposed to tiny grants here and there, the "fediverse" model of interconnected, self-governing communities would become the norm, not the exception.

See also (but not only):

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