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us politics 

asked on slack yesterday that "if I'm only donating to one pro-abortion organization which one should I donate to", but then on second thought I was like fuck that, just donated $200 to Planned Parenthood, and $100 to ACLU and abortion funds each.

bay area drivers: making cyclists safer is bad law as it forces us to drive slower! (

also bay area drivers: already caused 30 traffic fatality incidents and 18 pedestrian deaths this year at San Jose and it's just the start of May (

"This would slow auto traffic, as cars must wait for a chance to change lanes whenever a bicyclist is present."

And that's exactly the point

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After the first bicycle ride with my , I have to disable its Speak to Talk feature, because it frequently thought the wind noise is me speaking and pauses my music 🤦‍♂️

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So many new people around here 😲
Welcome everyone!
I am #Tusky, an Android app for Mastodon! (I work with other server software like Pleroma and Pixelfed as well, but 🤫)

Not sure if that's a stray dog of a small fox on the trail

Finally finished golden ending in on the first playthrough (normal difficulty). The first 2 split battles both took me 3-4 tries, but the rest are not too bad.

I just have to see what happens if votes tie the first chance I got in

Finally won the Chapter 7 battle without using the traps on my first playthrough.

- mom can we go to Egypt to see sphinx?
- no we have sphinx on our dining table
sphinx on our dining table:

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